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  1. General Chat
    I'm new and have a few re-purpose ideas I would like to share. I posted in the welcome section about a thin belt my wife and I turned into a watch band. I can post pictures if anyone is interested. Next idea is a use for the bread bag twist ties and clips. Use them for organizing headphone...
  2. DIY
    How to make a Solar USB charger! (simple!) This is totally rad. :) Yes, I know my 80's are showing. lol I really like this idea for camping, hiking, or being away from a place where you can comfortably plug in to recharge.
  3. Home Environment
    Black boxes everywhere, argh! Anyone else trying to make their home pretty and relaxing while their partner tries to turn it into a RadioShack? I have finally broken down and allowed a TV in the bedroom, now there is a giant black box on the wall with a bunch of black wires and cables hanging...
  4. General Chat
    Yesterday while I was at work and my wife was home we had a brown out and then a power surge. The wife thought it had fried both satellite receivers but when I got home I found out she was wrong. It fried both power strips... :grwave: Wow, am I glad I bought good ones.. Note the purple plug.
  5. General Chat
    This could be useful for alot of people if there's a Target in their area when it comes to pass. Target Launches Electronics Trade-In Program
  6. Blog
    April Food: Candy (Easter clearance) Eggs Ham Cheese Mustard Ready-made dough Dinner rolls Frozen pies Cake mix Cake frosting Pie crusts Non-Food: Electronics Vacuums Cookware Tires and other car care supplies
  7. Question and Answer
    My DH's birthday is 4/30, and the only thing he's mentioned wanting is an mp3 player w/ 8 GB of storage for when he's out in the yard or working out. Problem is, I know nothing about electronics, and I don't know where to start in researching or buying him one. What brands do those of you who...
  8. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Last night, DH was acting MYSTERIOUS. He got on the computer as I was going to sleep. Then he woke me to ask me our password. But he wouldn't let me see the screen. I told him, "DON'T ORDER ANYTHING TILL I ASK THE FRUGAL VILLAGE ABOUT COUPON CODES." This morning, I found a PC...
  9. Home Environment
    Office Depot will accept products from any manufacturer. Acceptable products include desktops, notebooks, keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, handhelds, digital cameras, fax machines, desktop copiers, flat-panel displays, monitors, TV sets (27 inches or smaller), TV/VCR combos, and cell phones...
1-9 of 9 Results