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  1. General Chat
    I meant to tell you - its nice to have you back - It seems you were gone for a bit with your health sitch, then you went for hollidays, and then you were just gone for a bit - I don't know where you went - but I am glad you are back!! I missed your always "very positive" posts!! :)
  2. General Chat
    Where the heck have you been girlee-girl !! You've had us all worried~!! Glad your back!!:D
  3. General Chat
    I haven't seen anything from her since her apponitment that she was really scared about - :confused:
  4. General Chat
    Has anyone heard anything from or about her?? I hope she's ok. :(
  5. General Chat
    I know she was going to have some medical tests, is that why she is gone? Her last post was 4 days ago.
  6. General Chat
    Thanks so much for all the yummy recipes that you are posting in the healthy recipe and homestyle cooking threads. My mouth is watering just reading them all! :hug2:
  7. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLISE I hope you have a wonderful and special day :hug2: :cake:
  8. General Chat
    Are you lurking? I sure do miss you!
  9. FV Neighborhoods
    Ellise, Thank you bunches for my jar swap! Not just one but two jars.:) I haven't been feeling so hot and your Friendship Tea couldn't have come at a better time. I opened the jar and the cinnamon and other aromas were just wonderful. I boiled up some water ,put a heaping tsp. of the mix in a...
  10. General Chat
    Ellise: Tyler wanted to say thank you for the package you sent to him. He is going to have a ball creating with the crayons, coloring books, colored pencils, clay, and paint you sent him. Thank you so much for being so sweet! :) BTW... here he is busy coloring away with his new crayons and...
  11. Healthy Cooking
    I kind of fell off of Atkins at the end of the week, then dh and I went to lunch on coupons at Soup Plantation; healthy but not protein oacked. Anyway I will start the week off with something delicious. Got any more Ellise...Atkins recipies???
  12. FV Neighborhoods
    I got my kitchen gadget swap package today in the mail. I would have never seen it had I not just thrown away a lot of newspapers. Malcom had put the papers on top of the box and forgot to tell me I had a package....MEN!! :D I love what you sent me...You are so great!!! Thank you!!!
  13. Make It Yourself
    I'm just afraid I won't be able to find them when I want them. If I print them off I'll lose them. Are you putting them in the community cookbook as well? I'm thinking we publish a bound cookbook for a fund raiser. I haven't lost any books lately.
1-13 of 15 Results