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  1. General Chat
    government official ... and gotten a real person response? I have written before to a local who was running for office, and i got back a form letter replied by one of many office staff. That was long ago. I emailed another govt official today and wondered if anyone has ever gotten a reply from...
  2. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Has anyone else seen anything about this? Is there ANY kind of explanation someone can give if it really did happen? Do you think it is fabricated? If it isn't would it worry you? Because of this, I will give my thoughts: Personally, this man scares me to the point of craziness. But I...
  3. Utilities
    I emailed my power co. and asked them if they used "Demand" charges and if they had a program specifically for "off peak" times...this was their response.... ----- Dear Lorrie Huff, Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that Load Management is an option for some Ohio Edison customers to save...
  4. Kitchen Basics
  5. General Chat
    :pdoff: I was going through my emails and this one made it through my filter...tell me if you see something wrong... :confused: "Diploma Pgorram Crtaee a more prosperous future for youreslf Riceeve a flul doplima form non accrideted univeriitses besad upon your real lfie experience You...
  6. General Chat
    You ladies gave me an idea regarding that show with the woman who couldn't afford healthy foods for her overweight son. I emailed Dr. Phil and told him about our village and that we would be able to help her learn to shop like we do! LOL I wonder if I'll hear from him????
1-6 of 7 Results