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  1. For Sale or Trade
    I have a brand new never been used Scroll Frame Set Size: 6"x12"/18"/24" 9"x12"/18"/24" Perfect for Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Crewel and Embroidery. Would like to trade for some white or off white yarn. Of course, peanut M&M's are always good. :-) What a grand morning it is here at...
  2. Hobbies
    I just made a very unfrugal purchase - a Brother SE-400 sewing & embroidery machine! I've been wanting one for years, and I finally treated myself. Does anyone here use an embroidery machine? I'm interested in any tips or ideas.
  3. Freebies
    Brother is offering free Embroidery Designs for download. Sample designs range from flowers, to flags, to seasonal decoration. International.
  4. Needle Arts
  5. Hobbies
  6. Needle Arts
    heres my finished xmas gift, Im not happy with it, i should of made the image smaller I think. what do think?
  7. Needle Arts
    xmas gift. I didnt have nay wax paper to iron onthe back on tghe material to print it off through thre printer. So copied over the pattrern pencil-old fashion way. deffenlty not perfect. I have to get black for the Peace word but its a start. prim it up after with coffee stain. prim pic in...
  8. Needle Arts
    xmas ideas. 50 cents each.
  9. Secondhand Shopping
    I bought some scrap fabric so I could start learning to hand sew little items. There were two bags full of fabric at the store that I just picked up last weekend. I've also recently started getting into embroidery. I was pleasantly surprised to find two stamped pieces of cloth ready to...
  10. Sewing
    Does anyone have an embroidery machine? What kind do you have, and what do you make with it? I hope to get one someday :)
  11. Needle Arts
    Check out this site for listings: Sondra
  12. Needle Arts
    Anyone do machine embroidery? I have a Brother PE-150 embroidery machine, I've been doing ME for over 10 yrs. It is very addicting. I'd love to hear from other machine embroiderers. Sondra
  13. Hobbies
    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone is interested in free embroidery designs? I have tons of links for freebies. Let me know, Sondra
  14. Needle Arts
    i havent embroidered in years, so i'm really rusty. i see that you can buy the blank sheets, but how do you embroider a patter on either those sheets or let's say you want to do something else, like pillowcases, towels, etc.? thanks
  15. Sewing
    Embroidery machines - does anyone have one? Are they worth it? Which one do you like best? Should you buy this one new or can you find good ones used? I have been wanting one, but cannot decide if it really is as good as I think it would be. Thanks for all of your help & input. Dawn
  16. Sewing
    Does anyone do stamped embroidery? I used to do counted cross stitch, before I had kids. I have switched to stamped projects now. I really like them because you cant lose your place as easily. I was just curious if anyone else liked to work on them as well. I have made 3 baby quilts and am...
  17. Freebies
  18. Freebies
  19. Needle Arts
    Can anyone help me. I was searching online for free patterns for snowflake cross- stitch or embroidery patterns. I didnt find too many. Embroidery is even harder. I want both, I want to make a tree-skirt, with that on it. Hubby would sew the skirt, Ill decorate it with the snowflake theme. I...
  20. Freebies
    Embroidery sample packet includes bobbins, stabilizers & needles.
1-20 of 25 Results