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  1. Third Agers
    In two months my dd will be 18 but still living at home, possibly for the next year. I'm very apprehensive about what this is going to look like. Lately a lot of conversations have come up between my older dd who has left the nest, my dd that is in the nest, and myself. These conversations...
  2. Computers
    How do I go about emptying out my computers cache. I have windows vista home. My computer is bogged down when I first login. Thanks.
  3. Third Agers
    Just curious if anyone else had an urge to get a pet or two or three or..... after their kids left the nest? I'm really struggling, its the weirdest thing. I've always turned to animals for comfort. I found myself in a pattern of getting a new pet when life situations changed. I'm not sure...
  4. Homesteading and gardening
    Okay, I have about 3 dozen quart glass mayonaise jars. I know years ago, when money was tight, that I would use them as back up jars when doing water bath processing. I was thinking they would be good for storing dry food. I need to find a use for them, or take them to the recyle bin this...
  5. Home and family challenges
    I have a terrible habit of letting the little waste baskets in our home get almost to the point of overflowing before I empty them. Today I went around the whole house and emptied them all!! Definitely am proud of myself and intend to do so on a regular basis!! How full are your waste baskets?
  6. New England Pals
    Does anyone near Hampton NH have empty baby food jars?
  7. General Chat
    I cleaned out my refrigerator today and it is looking very bare...but that is a good thing. I clean it out each month, wiping down all the shelves. But, today I went through and got rid of all the misc bottles and stuff that we haven't used in forever. We have plenty of food in the pantry &...
  8. Third Agers
    We are getting there once again. The first time, we ended up adopting. This time it's mighty scary because 2 of our kids will be moving to group homes. Anyone coming close or are empty nesters?
  9. Green Living Thought this was a cute site, and VERY creative!!
  10. General Chat
    Please empty your mailbox:D
  11. Third Agers
    For me empty nesting has been many different things. The good--- 1. I had boys, so for ONCE I can walk aorund the house in my undies or birthday suit. :bolt: 2. I had boys, so for ONCE my house stays fairly clean. :lol3: 3. The laundry has gone WAY down. :laundry: 4. Food prep. and...
  12. Kitchen Basics
    I gave myself a challenge to have the fridge and freezer completely empty before vacation. I'm running out of time but don't seem to be running out of food :dis: Would appreciate ideas that use up any (preferably multiple) of what's left. Can be recipes for meals, snacks, desserts, baked...
  13. Just Tips
    I don't remember who wrote the post that I first read about saving the plasticky bags inside cereal boxes for reuse but what a helpful,$$$ saving tip that has been. Now that the family knows to save them too, we wash them and reuse again and again. I bought a paper towel holder that sits on the...
  14. News you can use
    Interesting, and scary, article about people selling their possessions in order to get by...
  15. Just Tips
    Around here we get quite the quantity of pill bottles of various sizes due to the number of scripts my hubby & son have. I hate throwing these bottles in the trash and have already used as many as I can for the obvious storage purposes. Does anybody know of any place that accepts donations of...
  16. For Sale or Trade
    i have about 20 or more empty baby food jars. clean. mostly beechnut jars. crafters may have some use for them. available for pickup only. anyone want them , mail me for address and pickup time. my zipcode is CA 90034 thanks
  17. General Chat
    houses on our block. The 2 have been this way for about 5 months give or take a few and the other one the people are moving out right now as I type this. I think it is sad it not only hurts those people but the neighbors as well. The house that the people are moving out of now she told me that...
  18. Just Tips
    I'm making bread crumbs from the heels of the bread and wondered.... "I wonder what I can do with these bags"? Any ideas??? thank you Melissa
  19. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I was just looking at eBay and saw that people actually buy empty used ink cartridges. I have quite a few here. Not sure why I haven't thrown them away. What would people use these for? I think I may try and put mine on there. Start the whole group at 99 cents and see what I get.
  20. Third Agers
    :laugh: I thought they were bored, lonesome, sad........Now I find that so funny. I'm never any of those things (since I got over the nest emptying out that is). Did anyone else ever feel sorry for e.nesters?
1-20 of 36 Results