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  1. General Chat
    Does it cost more to heat/cool a house that is minimally furnished (one bedroom is completely empty) vs one that is furnished at a more "normal" level? TIA
  2. Green Living
    I found this article and thought it 7 Ways To Use Solar Energy Around The Housewas very interesting. I was looking at options for using landscape lighting as emergency backup lighting in the house. I had never seen the water tube ideas.
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  4. Frugal Living
    I have an older all-electric house, and we have very high electric rates here. So, we had an energy audit on the house last month to see what improvements we can make which will actually have an impact. It's basically a home inspection, but it includes a blower test so they can see where your...
  5. Appliances
    Just get back from the public library, where I paid off my overdue library book fines (yeah, I know) and checked out an energy analyzer. Am going to use it to find out how much energy it takes to use the porch heater and my ancient fridge. Am excited as it's FREE for three weeks. Hopefully...
  6. DIY
    I want to ask how effective home energy monitor is. Before I purchase I need some advice. Thanks
  7. Freebies
    PepPod :: Effervescent Energy Drink Sample Request a FREE sample of PepPod Energy Drink Mix. This offer is available to the US and Puerto Rico, while supplies last.
  8. Utilities
    from my local coop extension. Here: These Web pages make it easy for you to find general information and local resources that can help you improve your home's energy economy. Maximize the energy-efficiency of new construction Weatherize...
  9. Frugal Living
    I just don't know if it is ever going to get better. I was reading the local paper yesterday and there was a piece on Duke energy raising our rates by 17 percent! Our pay has been cut in half this year and everything just keeps going up. I just don't know what we are going to do. We have...
  10. Frugal Europeans
    Yowzer! Have you heard the news today (oh boy)? 19% increase in gas prices as 10% in electricity from our friends at Scottish Power. Man alive! That's around 48p per day on average for a dual fuel customer. Talk about heat or eat! I'm sure the others will follow suit so I'm spending today...
  11. Question and Answer
    Hello everyone! As of June 25th, I will be in an apartment all on my own and away from home! The apartment is $510/mo. It is a one bedroom/one bathroom with nice kitchen, dining area, and large living room. All is run on electric which I must pay for. Sewage and water are paid for already...
  12. Frugal Living
    We invested in 2 netbooks for homeschooling. Nothing fancy, as minimal cost as possible(we do get school funding for this so it is refunded, regardless). I am wondering, is it more efficient to run the computers without the charges, when low, charge them, then unplug again when charged? The...
  13. Freebies
    Fill out the info below and we’ll send you a free RevHoney Energy U-Tube…just like that! RevHoney - More energy and imrprove Physical Perfomance
  14. General Chat
    Not sure where to put this so I've started the thread here. If this is the wrong spot, please move it to the correct one. Just wondering...I see all these wonderful recipes done in crockpots and keep hearing how wonderfully easy it is to use them but are they energy efficient to leave them on...
  15. General Chat Black&Decker has generously sponsored this Energy Savers Series contest giveaway. One lucky winner will win this set of products for their home that will help them save energy. 1. The Thermal Leak...
  16. General Chat
    So I know I'm not super active on this site, but if anyone has kept up with a few of my posts they would know that we are currently living in a toxic roommate situation and are trying to buy a house to move out. We found a house that is perfect for us. Not too big (1100 sq ft), in a mixed...
  17. Freebies
    Duke Energy customers IN, KY, NC, OH, and SC can receive a free CFL 6 Pk. Just follow these instructions: 1. Register for Online Services at 2. Click on Home Energy Center on the left side of your screen 3. Complete the Home Energy Survey and enter...
1-18 of 162 Results