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  1. Coupons
    Have: (2) $5 Enfamil checks exp 12/31/10 and 1/31/11 (3) $5 off Enfamil Gentlease powder, excludes 12 oz. exp 6/30/11 (4) $2 off Enfamil Premium, Gentlease or A.R. exp 12/31/10 (5) $2 off any Enfamil or Enfagrow 23.4 oz or larger exp 6/30/11 (10) $5 off ANY Similac purchase exp 12/31/10 (3) $2...
  2. Coupons
    Anyone need Enfamil or Good Start coupons? I get them in the mail but we use Similac. Pm me if interested. Hugs & Blessings, Mel
  3. Coupons
    I do not know where to post this but I have 5 coupons for 5.00 off 23.4 oz or larger size powder Enfamil Premium with Triple Health Guard Formula that I can not use I would like to give them to some one . If you can use them please pm me. Thanks If this is in the wrong place mods please put me...
  4. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    I have several forms. PM your address & how many you can use.
  5. Coupons
    To all moms of infants or soon to be expecting mothers, or grandmas, or aunts! I have 5 coupons for $5.00 off of Enfamil formula. One coupon is date to expire on November 30, 2008, two are dated to expire December 31, 2008, and two to expire on January 31, 2009. I no longer have a formula...
  6. Coupons
    I have a coupon that printed out with my receipt at Target. It is for $5 off Enfamil Lipil Powder formula 12.9oz, or 25.7oz can or 16pk sticks. I'm not sure if you can combine it with an Enfamil check, but it's worth a try! First person to PM me gets it!
  7. Freebies
  8. Coupons
    The enfamil formula checks come with your name on them- but can you give them away or use someone ele's? Do you have to sign them? A little confused on why they're referred too as 'checks' instead of coupons..what's the deal with them?
  9. Coupons
    I have 2 $5 Enfamil checks that expire at the end of August that I can mail someone who NEEDS them. If you or a family member needs them then pm me. The only requirements is that you've been a member for a while and post at least once in a while. Thanks. Lisa
  10. Coupons
    $5 Similac exp 8/15/08 $5 Enfamil exp 8/31/08 $1/1 DiGiorno Ultimate Pizza 6/30/08 $.75 OxiClean Spray $1/2 OxiClean Stain Remover $.50 St Ives Elements 12/31/08 (3) $1/2 Vicks 6/30/09 (3) $.50 Lysol products $1/2 Lysol wipes $1 Gerber onsie product 12/31/08 $1/3 Gerber 2-pack 1st foods...
  11. Coupons
    I have 2 $5 off any Enfamil Lipil formula (includes Gentlease lipil and AR Lipil) checks for sale for $2 plus $.50 for shipping. They expire August 31, 2008 and I will send asap. I take paypal. Please send me your name and addy and email address so I can send you an invoice through paypal...
  12. Coupons
    I have several of the $3 enfamil coupons/checks. They are good on the Gentlease, Enfamil AR, or Nutramigen. They expire 6/30/08. Would like to trade for equal value in rx checks. Email me at [email protected] if you would like to trade. Thanks!
  13. Question and Answer
    To all of the moms! Does anyone know if I can use the Enfamil checks that are supposed to be for NextStep for regular formula? thanks for any input!
  14. Coupons
    I am in search of Enfamil Checks for myself or NGS checks for my friend. I can use up to 2 months expired. Let me know what you want in trade. Thanks!
  15. Coupons
    ISO) enfamil checks/coupons have many coupons just email me to see if i have the one you are looking for.
  16. Coupons
    Would like to trade for Similac Advance checks, Huggies coupons or Pampers Coupons. TIA Leah
  17. Coupons
    I have 2 - $15 Enfamil Lipil rebate forms. You must buy 2 - 25.7 oz. cans of powder or 8 - 32 oz. cans of ready-to-feed formula. All must be purchased in one transaction, and you send in the UPC's, the receipt and this rebate form. One per household, expires 12/31/07. I am looking for grocery...
  18. Coupons
    I'm looking for Enfamil Next Step Coupons or Rebate Checks... I'm also always on the lookout for Pampers or Luvs diaper & wipes coupons. I have the following to trade: Buy 2 Save $2 on any Good Start 2 Formula (12.9 oz. formula) Exp. 2/29/08 Save $3 on Similac Go & Grow (retail check) Esp...
  19. Coupons
    I can offer .10 each in non cc paypal for the above mentioned blinkie coupons. Thank you, David
  20. Coupons
    Hi everyone! Just found this board today. I'm looking for enfamil and ngs formula checks. I have paypal existing funds and will pay 50% for them. Email me at [email protected] if you would like to trade. Thanks & Happy Easter!
1-20 of 36 Results