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  1. Hot deals
    Went today, found some GREAT coupons- my store is REALLY good about putting them up with products- -Buy 2 bags Tostitos chips (on sale for $2 this week), get free jar of salsa ($2.50 value) -Buy 2 bags of Lays '(again, on sale for $2), get free bag of pretzels (forget brand, worth $2+) - I also...
  2. Vacations and Travel
    So, dh and I didn't do anything special last year for our 10th anniversary, but are thinking about possibly driving up to New England for a long weekend this year. Our anniversary is October 3, so it's early fall. We've always wanted to go to New England, but never have gotten there. We'll be...
  3. Find Your Kith
    Any other English/British people here?
  4. International Pals
    Hey, I was wondering if people in England could share tips for frugal grocery shopping. I tried Lidl and recently discovered that Sainsbury's basics are cheaper at the moment.
  5. International Pals
    I am a big fan of older English shows, I have the dvd collection of Keeping up Appearances (my favorite), Are you being served and Hetty Wainthrop. I also try to catch BBC America (when it runs free every once in a while). I also watch House Hunters International and the Travel Channel and...
  6. New England Pals
    Hannaford is a northern new england chain, and they're celebrating itheir 125th anniversary this week. They have some meat, onions, potatoes, bread, broccoli, etc. all for $1.25. If I could figure out how to go to work and go with DH to Concord (NH) tomorrow, I'd do it just to take advantage...
  7. Question and Answer
    Hello, I have been trying to do a comparison between Angel Food ministries and Serve New England (similar to SHARE). I used to get AFM 10 years ago when I lived in Arizona, but the packages were $15 then and I was a broke single mom (I would split the pkg w/ another broke single mom ). When...
  8. Vacations and Travel
    We're looking into doing a long weekend for our family vacation this year and want to stay close to home. Dave doesn't like camping, so that is out. And Cape Cod is a possibility, but it doesn't really feel right to Dave to vacation there as he grew up there. So, any other...
  9. General Chat
    I've always heard about the high cost of living in New England. I've never really considered a move out of the south until recently but I would have family in the Boston area. Do most jobs make more up there so as to off set the cost? Seems to be so much higher than what I'm used to. What about...
  10. Question and Answer
    Good Morning everyone. Does anyone here purchase groceries through Serve New England? I recently found out about them and was going to try it, but I wanted some feedback before I do. (They are sort of like Angel Food Ministries, except in order to qualify you have to volunteer somewhere for 2...
  11. Freebies
    On the link I give it doesn't directly say you get samples, but if you need to see it, go to their home page, find where it says free samples, and it will direct you back to this link You fill out the form, then it sends it via email
  12. Freebies
    Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman is the hottest dog in town for kids. Part game show, part reality TV, part spoof, this new WGBH production is the latest example of what public broadcasting does best—make television that's entertaining, educational, and breaks the mold. Our newest children's series...
  13. Vacations and Travel
    I'd love to drive up to New England this summer for a quick vacation, like a long weekend. Vermont-NH-Maine would be the areas I'd like to visit. Is it impossible in such a short time? Or should I focus on just one place? One option is to fly to Boston or a surrounding town and drive from...
  14. Freebies
    I don't know why I keep finding tea, but I am.
  15. Soups and Stews
    My 13 year old loves New England Style Clam Chowder. She could eat it all three meals a day. I would like to be able to make it from scratch instead of buying cans of it. If anyone has a recipe for it and is willing to share it, I would be ever so thankful. Thanks in advance!!!! :dust: Leigh:dust:
  16. Freebies Join our mailing list and be the first to know about events, promotions and news from élan Frozen Yogurt. Join now and receive a coupon for a free quart of élan Frozen Yogurt by mail! This offer is only available for a limited time.
  17. Freebies
    Free~Sample of New England Tea!!
  18. Vacations and Travel
    Well, I am back and armed with LOT'S of Photo's, so here is the deal, I will post a lot of pictures and when I get to the last one I will say this is the last one and then I want to know what you think eh? Does that sound fair?:D :feedback: I should just explain that we went away in June and...
  19. New England Pals
    Hello, I am here in the Pine tree state of Maine Wondering why no one has posted here in 30 days. Its Warming up, My Magnolia tree is in bloom, Summer is on its way..... COME OUT OF HIBERNATION GUYS! Post where in New England you are from and send a big ol hug from the north east to all or...
1-19 of 24 Results