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  1. Vacations and Travel
    Hi, everyone! :wave2: Just wondering if you could help me plan ahead for a vacation that is coming up. We're going to a place that will take approx. 2 days to get to including an overnight stay at a motel. I'd like to find ways to entertain the kids while we're travelling. Last time we...
  2. Pets
    He has to stay inside for the next 3 days due to a crazy heat wave moving through. He will NOT BE HAPPY! He loves to roam in the Summer, and mostly stays close to home but has been wandering a bit further then normal. Must be something really interesting down the street. He does not play much...
  3. General Chat
    So our local tv station runs a question of the day every weekday at noon. I answer sometimes but my answer never makes it on to the it did!!! ROFL, and i wrote a long one too! :applause:
  4. News you can use
    4 frugal ways to entertain your kids Here are four budget-friendly ideas for keeping your kids entertained this summer.
  5. Pets
    Our Bella is full of mischief, as a puppy is wont to be. This week she's decided she loves... did I say loves to dig!(did I mention she loves to dig???). Anyway, I realize that her being terrier, it's an inherant trait. But we'd like to offer her some alternatives to digging when she's outside...
  6. General Chat
    Do you entertain yourself? Are you capable of entertaining yourself when all you have is yourself? Do you get bored? Read on...... When I was teaching, I used to introduce a novel called "Johnny Got His Gun" by asking students if they could entertain themselves. No one else around, no TV...
  7. General Chat
    Philip and I usually have friends over once a week. Someweeks it doesn't work out and some weeks we go to our friends' houses but most often we have friends to our home once a week. On Sundays we spend the afternoon with my parents and siblings. We try to see my grandparents a couple times a...
  8. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    In my dental floss thread, Kimberlina very intelligently mentioned keeping some dental floss gear for a little discreet flossing. I remembered my thing of having a manicure set with me in the glove box. I also have a zippered binder with handles (similar to flylady office in a bag, but...
  9. Christmas
    I usually have the immediate family over after church just for punch and picky-things. Then DH starts his marathon wrap session-he's up all night-lol. He's crazy!
  10. Family
    How do you keep your kids entertained over the summer? As a sahm I sometimes find it hard to keep these little darlings entertained all the time,esp when dh gets home real late.Here are some things I do,feel free to add cause I need more ideas trips to the library for story time play at the...
  11. Home Decorating
    I used to entertain quite often, but since relocating I haven't done any entertaining at all. *LOL* I am curious, when you entertain, are you frugal? Or do you tend to spend more for your guests? (outside of more spent perhaps on food) Sara
1-11 of 11 Results