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  1. Envelope system
    Does anyone have an Envelope for healthcare costs and how much is in it? I have a co-pay of $25 office and $100 emergency. I've been thinking of starting an "envelope," which actually would be an ING direct savings account for this. It seems like the more I think about it the more I need...
  2. General Chat
    While I am not a big spender by all means I still somehow manage to run our CC bill up a little higher than I like by the end of the month. (I would like to see a -0- in the new purchases column- lol). We do pay our balance in full each month and others seeing the numbers would probably...
  3. Dave Ramsey
    I am starting my envelope system with this payday and was you stock your envelopes monthly or weekly? I get paid weekly and am leaning towards funding the envelopes weekly, but wasn't sure what works best for everyone else.
  4. Envelope system
    I saw that there is a sale on some of Dave Ramsey's products at his webstie with something like $4.95 shipping. Does anyone know if there is something similar out there for a lower price? Or have you just created your own system? Thanks!
  5. Frugal Europeans
    I was mugged a long time ago now (he got nothing as i dont have a mobile and do not carry around much) but ever since i have stopped carrying a purse , tomorrow its asda for me so the envelope called Asda comes out . i have a list and a coin bag with money in it. Now i know this is a 20min...
  6. Envelope system
    DH and I are both self-employed and our income varies from $0!! to $10k(at which point lots of bills are piled up) per month(anywhere from 30k-50k per year). A few months ago I saved 1k e-fund and paid off 2 cc bills totaling another 1k and then had to use all that money in the e-fund to pay...
  7. Envelope system
    Really want to make this work, we just started the DR baby steps and already funded our EF within approx 2 weeks by selling some stuff on craigslist. Having just started this in Feb, we have divided out our bills into 12 months and are saving the according amount per month. Say car insurance is...
  8. Envelope system
    What all is included in the grocery envelope? I have somehow talked my wife into a set budget per month at the grocery store but I want to make sure it has enough. Do you include everything you buy such as TP, cleaning supplies, HBA's etc etc etc.
  9. Frugal Living
    You have to see this...she is giving away a tutorial for a envelope system...I love dave ramsey but don't want to spend the money, so I began looking around the internet and found this. Too Adorable! Free Envelope Template and a Tutorial! | Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs
  10. Envelope system
    Has anyone made the envelope system for food, as in an envelope for dairy, meat, produce, beauty products, etc....I was thinking of allocating a certain amount for each one, I do a list of what I need but to better understand what I spend and what I may need to alter I thought this would be a...
  11. Envelope system
    I'm wondering what the consensus is for any overages on envelope items. Let's say you earmark $50 a month for car repairs. At the end of the month, you have $40 left over. Is that kept in the envelope along with next month's $50 addition or do people immediately take that money and apply it...
  12. Freebies
    Just fill out the form about halfway down the page.
  13. Envelope system
    I can't bring myself to do the envelope system, it just makes me so nervous having so much cash on hand, and I don't have easy access to an ATM where I live now. So I started doing a reverse envelope system of sorts. For example, I have an envelope with "groceries" and the amount $200 written...
  14. Envelope system
    I was reading a few other posts where people mentioned not having the money to spend when needed on certain usual things in life. I do the envelope method (and the money in the closet and money in the vase methods also!---LOL) I have envelopes for vacation, chicken feed, hog feed, any special...
  15. Envelope system
    I know that I've read about budgeting with the envelope system before & it's been discussed on the forums, as well. I think for some it works great, others...........not so great. But if your like me and was wondering if it would work for you, or wondering how complicated it might be to...
  16. Homesteading and gardening
    Here is a seed envelope template for those who might be interested. I want to save seed from my harvest this summer so I will be making myself some. Seed Envelope Template Source:
  17. General Chat
    Kind of pointless, but I was amused so I thought I would share! I sold another book last night and I thought I had run out of my stash of previously used envelopes to send it in. Then I found a very large one that was destined for the garbage because I had ripped it open. Since the book isn't...
  18. Envelope system
    The envelopes suck. They just are not working for us. I still want to use cash, but recording it in a notebook was even less convenient. My husband just wants us to use the debit card and record all receipts on a daily basis and generate reports (my techie husband who loves Excel, etc). What...
  19. Envelope system
    The envelope system. Probably not going to happen here. We are not going to have that much cash in the house. Yes, I realize it is the best way and will help us achieve our goal faster, but it is probably not going to happen. I need another way. So let me hear your suggestions. thanks Russ
  20. Envelope system
    I was writing this elsewhere, but then I thought, they may already know this, and someone else may not, so I figured, its half written up already, I may as well make a new thread of it. SO here goes. The Envelope system, for beginners. This is how, when your money is out of control, you gain...
1-20 of 48 Results