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  1. General Chat
    seriously, how did this get all the way from inception to the printers without anyone catching the misspelling? Downy UNSTOPABLES In-wash Scent Booster | Downy Products
  2. General Chat
    My DH was unemployed last year for a few months. He got a job (yeah!) around the middle of August but didn't get his first paycheck until Aug 20. He mis-understood the rules reguarding claiming unemployment does not go by when you get the first paycheck but when he earned hours. We are fully...
  3. General Chat
    Ok, i was at a Wal-Mart and i went to use there ATM to take out $200. But there was a problem and the machine gave me $115 all in $5! It stopped and the employee behind the counter came over to help she opened it up and looked inside the $5 cassette and said there was no more in there and then...
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    Sallie Mae error kills loan holders' credit scores A change in how Sallie Mae reported to credit reporting agencies has caused the credit scores of loan holders to plummet in days. Here's what to do if you've been affected.
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    Drug error killed their little girl Emily Jerry was nearly ready to go home from a Cleveland hospital. The grapefruit-size tumor in her abdomen seemed gone, and ... </img>
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    Inside a pharmacy where a fatal error occurred It was a busy summer night in 2001 at a Walgreens store that pharmacy technician Tomario Lewis went to a computer and typed in ... </img>
  7. General Chat
    I was just wondering if anyone knows what F2 on a natural gas oven means? It usually happens after the oven is on for a while. We don't have a book because we rent and I'm sure the landlord would not have kept it. I believe it is a HotPOint stove. I do a lot of baking and it is just a pain to...
  8. General Chat
    I received the new statement for October and it stated we were behind. They say they didn't receive September's payment. I panicked to say the least. I knew I had sent it, so I went to view our bank statement online to see if the check went through or not. Well, guess what? It did. At Bank of...
1-8 of 26 Results