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    I keep getting this message "Internet Explorer blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors." Sometimes I click a topic and the topic will show up but then the content I was reading would disappear and leave me with a white page. Refresh doesn't do anything...
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    I'm doing my normal routine of running a new posts search and opening up threads I want to read in new tabs, but I'm getting periodic 405 errors - permission denied. Well, I was - seems to have stopped now. You doing something around 6:30 AM EST to the server? Or was I just hitting some...
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    All of the sudden I'm getting these error messages from McAfee for this site. I keep clicking No to prevent what ever it is from succeeding. UKBB
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    Hospitals won't get to bill for errors As of October, Medicare will no longer cover treatment resulting from eight types of mistakes, and patients won't have to pay. States and private insurers are also pushing for change.
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    Prescription errors: Some blame speed, workloads The prescription called for Inderal to control a little boy's tremors. A Walgreens pharmacy instead gave him Methitest, a steroid ... </img>
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    I thought this was neat