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  1. Home Environment
    I love the "station" approach to organizing spaces - whether it's an office, room, or whole house. I'm sure most kindergarten teachers would find this idea familiar, as this tends to be the way that daycares and early years classrooms are set up. What could make life simpler than organizing...
  2. Question and Answer
    I have sweet orange and tea tree. I don't want to smell like tea tree and I am afraid sweet orange might stain the clothes or cause allergy. What kind of oils do you use? :)
  3. Question and Answer
    I want to get some for making cleaning supplies but they seem so expensive. So, anyone have an inexpensive source of some good essential oils? :)
  4. Freebies
    Introducing New Science Diet® Simple Essentials Treats: Meet the special needs of your dog or puppy with 13 healthy treats from Hill's Pet Nutrition.
  5. Freebies
    This is from Walmart.
  6. Freebies
    sign up and they send you a coupon to try the kids essential for free up to 14.99 off, it takes about a week for the coupon to come.
  7. Freebies
    Essential Kitten Care Kit
  8. Green Living
    What is your favorite essential oil?
  9. Freebies
  10. Freebies An oil blend saturated with the essential oils of everlasting (helichrysum), rose absolute, and frankincense in Chilean rose hip oil (Rosa rubiginosa). Synergistic properties include skin renewal, eliminating scar tissue (even keloids) and tissue...
  11. Health and beauty
  12. Make It Yourself
  13. Freebies
  14. Home Environment
    Anyone use essential oils for cleaning or while your cleaning? My favorite these days seem to be Peppermint oil! The reason is it seems to keep me focused, alert, and keeps me going! I add it to alot of my homemade cleaning mixes. It stimulates the body and mind. More about Peppermint...
  15. Home and Family
    When guests first enter your home the first thing that greets them is the aroma. Essential oils can create a homely atmosphere add 6-8 drops of your favourite scent to water in a diffuser or place the drops directly into a bowl of boiling water. Sweet orange, lemon and your favourite spice oil...
  16. Homesteading and gardening
    I need to make a list of tools I need. Thought I'd ask you ladies. :)
  17. Health and beauty
    I know I can purchase them a WM but the selection is very small. Where do you purchase your essential oils? Have you found a source that is farely inexpensive with a wide variety?
  18. Just Tips
    For Scent-Sational smelling towels, sheets, clothes, etc.. place a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto a small piece of terry cloth and toss into the clothes dryer while drying. Add 5 drops essential oil to 1/4 cup fabric softener or water and place in the center cup of the wash...
1-18 of 19 Results