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  1. Kitchen Basics
    ~I'd never heard of this until I saw it on the Burns and Allen Show today. I have whipped dried milk powder in a little water but I didn't care for the taste. Does the canned milk have a better taste? Is is similar to whipped cream?~
  2. Kitchen Basics
    Can anyone tell me what they are, what the difference is and how to use them? Thanks. Dawn
  3. Kitchen Basics
    We were recently given a ton of evaporated milk...anyone have any creative ideas?
  4. Kitchen Clones
    I have some recipes calling for evaporated milk but can't find any in this country. I'll keep looking but does anyone have an idea on how I could make some? Thanks!
  5. Kitchen Basics
    I have seven cans of evaporated milk that are going to expire soon. I think I'll make a pumpkin pie, and I seem to recollect that evaporated milk can be a part of homemade macaroni & cheese. Do you have any other ideas for me? TIA.
  6. Kitchen Basics
    ...and we survived! I know it doesn't sound like much to many of you who probably use evaporated milk all the time, but my dh has never been willing to try it. I bought about 5 cans for .10 each a long time ago and it has sat in my pantry ever since. Tonight, I was making Hamburger Helper for...
  7. Kitchen Basics
    Does anyone use evaporated milk mixed with an equal amount of water for cooking and baking? Does anyone know how this compares to whole milk in price? How about how it compares to powdered milk in price? Thanks.
  8. Kitchen Basics
    To continue adding to the pantry staples list of how you use your pantry inventory... How about evaporated milk?
  9. Kitchen Basics
    Okay girls...I just got 4 cans of evaporated milk for free. Do I add water? How does it work? I plan to use it in my cooking, but don't know how it works! (Yes, I'm a cooking moron. :bang: )
1-9 of 9 Results