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  1. Success Stories
    We have been paying on dh's credit card debt (I say his because it was from his bachelor days) since the end of 2006. We are now down to only $12,000-ish left! That's out of *gulp* $60k+ I can't WAIT for it to be gone. That will free up almost $1600/month!!!
  2. Success Stories
    I paid off mt Home Depot credit card this past weekend!!! It feels sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!:cheer4::cheer4::cheer4::cheer4:
  3. Frugal Living
    Forgive me for sharing.... I'm still doing cartwheels!!! Christmas was WONDERFUL! We really didn't have much on our wish list (other than $$ ~ to help pay for our tv ~ which we recieved more than enough to help cover the cost!) AND!!!! My dad (which we have a very strained relationship ~...
  4. General Chat
    Joe had gotten his VNS .. i believe i had said that before ... well over the past few weeks they upped it every 2 weeks .. well the second setting his sezures went to 3 in 2 weeks which is awsome concidering he was having 3+ a day!!.. this last time they set it one higher and believe it may take...
  5. General Chat
    Well, Dh and I stayed up late...chatting, relaxing, surfing the was nearly 1am...we were thinking "we'll head to bed in about 15 min). Then we hear and absolutely piercing lasted several seconds... We jump up and pull up the blinds (remember, it's summer in...
  6. Pets
    :rollsmile: ohhhhh - I woke up too early ::yawn:: had a phone call first thing this morning - one of my cats ran into the neighbor's basement - got scared and jumped up into the rafters - she spent the night - they didn't know she was there til this morning (she was meowing loudly) - eases...
  7. General Chat
    Our next door neighbor had a fire going yesterday. This is a common occurance for him, he usually burns his garbage. Only thing is this one got out of control and was shooting flames at least 20 feet in the air and the trees! Well guess he lit it and LEFT!!! :grrr: The fire department came and...
  8. Bright Horizons
    Is it difficult for them during the Christmas season? Justin (autistic) does not like change and in fact doesn't do well at all when his routine is changed, so we try to keep Christmas as close as possible to his regular routine. But already I'm seeing a bit of struggle for him with our...
1-8 of 8 Results