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    :shrug2: I think that should be at the top of the "rule" list when trying to give helpful frugal advice. I've been reading a lot on the net. I love reading and gathering up frugal and money saving tips. One thing I've noticed is there are those that ask for advice and the minute people start...
  2. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    What are some of your favorite excuses you hear for people NOT wanting to make a budget? My SIL: I don't want to hear the "B" word. My Brother: We don't spend that much. To which I replied: How come you are behind in payments then? So lets hear them. Did you laugh? Did it make you angry? Or...
  3. Health challenges
    Well, since the 'baby' is 14mo old there is no excuse for carrying around this extra weight. I've made it one week on a low cal plan so I guess I might as well venture out and write down what's going on to keep me honest. The Plan: 1800 cal/day some sort of exercise 5 days/week So far I'm...
  4. Health challenges
    Okay, well, I'm sure I'll have some excuses, but I'll try really hard not to. :) Today I got on the HealthWalker, but only for 15 minutes. However, it was 15 minutes more than I did yesterday! Tonight I have handbell choir which is a bit of a workout, considering I ring a total of 12 bells...
  5. News you can use
    5 worst excuses not to go green Going green is a lot like losing weight. Many of us talk about doing it but when it comes right down to it we come up with myriad excuses.
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  7. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Don't think you need to get out of debt? Read this:
1-7 of 8 Results