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  1. Health and beauty
    I want to work on my flexibility by stretching. Do you know of any websites that has good diagrams of stretching exercises? So, I can just print off the pages instead of buying a book or checking it out at the library. I'm looking for any kind of stretching exercises.
  2. Kiersten at Chirstmas

    picture of baby at Christmas - 4 1/2 months old
  3. Health and beauty
    I'm sure that adults could use them as well, but it's a neat site for teens who need to begin exercising. There are animated pictures along with each exercise that shows you how to do them.
  4. Writing Forum
  5. Health and beauty
    do you want to see posted here? Let me know what area's you want to work and I'd be happy to post exercises that will help you. I certainly don't want to post things that no one is interested in, so let me know what your up for!
1-5 of 5 Results