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  1. General Chat
    They just left. They went to Lowes Hardware and got this stuff called Krud Kutter. The guy told them it works on all surfaces and should take it right up. They will come a little later and clean it up. Thanks for all your advice.
  2. General Chat
    Yesterday afternoon I was sitting here on the computer and the neighbor boy comes in. He says, "Amy, look at me." I looked up and saw he had one of those "Scream" Halloween face masks that has the fluid pump in it. Anyway, I looked up at him and told him I already saw it. And he said, "No Amy...
  3. Pregnancy
    How is everyone doing? What's the latest update from Dr.s visits. So far me and baby are doing well. I had my latest appointment this past Wed. Although it was a little early (I was only 15 weeks) the ultra sound tech said she thinks its a girl, but not to rush out and buy anything new until...
  4. Dave Ramsey
    with my very own copy of TMMO. Fiance got it for me off his website for $14.99.$5.00 s/h:cheer4::cheer4::cheer4::cheer4::cheer4:
  5. General Chat
    well i just watched the news & they said we are expecting 10-12 inches of snow monday night into tuesday.........grrrrrrr!!!! thats means cold, windy, whiteouts, and drifting snow!!!!!! i let you guys know if we neded unburied. hopefully kabin63 don't get hit as hard as us!!!
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
  7. Leisure & Media Arts Just as long as this one isn't "Watermelon"... :D
  8. Leisure & Media Arts,1,18129,00.html?fdnews Good grief!
  9. Freebies
  10. Pregnancy
    Could you all post in this thread when you are due and if you know if it is a boy or girl or a surprise? ;) I had to turn off siggy's so things would load faster for me and now I don't have a clue who is due when or anything! :( TIA
  11. Pregnancy
    How soon did you start buying things for the baby? Picking out names or other things related to the baby? We have already started looking at furniture and I've bought a couple of bibs and onesies. I was just so excited!!! I'm glad we have started now on choosing names since we can't decide...
  12. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Okay ~ I'm trying to remain ultra-calm here...:dazed: My little girl will be 17 in December - my "original" baby girl as she tells the other girlies!! :smirk: When she turned 16, GW was getting ready to deploy to Iraq and we didn't do anything major - she said she'd love to go to the German...
  13. General Chat
  14. Leisure & Media Arts
    I think this is so cool. He was always my favorite of the Beatles.
  15. Pregnancy
    Roll call for all expecting moms,due date,sex of baby etc.
  16. Christmas
    Years ago we use to get one and it sure was appreciated. When dh worked at the job he was at for 20 years, he didn't once get a turkey. He did get a nice ham once. How about you?
  17. Family
    I am really excited! I found out yesterday that I am expecting our fifth child! I am a little nervous because a year ago this month is when I had a miscarriage so I am trying to stay positive. We are going to wait to tell our families and other people because I am really worried about having a...
  18. Family
    And who was the last? Other than dh of course. With my dd I told my grandma first. She was really, really excited. Dh waited until I was almost 6 months along to tell his mom. :eek: To make matters worse he told her on Mothers Day. :eek:
1-19 of 20 Results