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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    ~Since 4 weeks have gone by since my first property tour, I suspected the reason for all the feet dragging was that the permits had expired. We still want the property. But I don't know who to talk to or where to go to get our land development plans approved. I don't know if it's consider part...
  2. General Chat
    I have a carton of eggs that expired 10 days ago. Should they be okay to eat as long as they don't smell?
  3. Coupons
    Most of them kicked the bucket on 12/31. Please PM me your address if you want them.
  4. Military Families
    I know that this has been touched on before within FV but a recent conversation made me want to bring it up again. Your expired coupons do not have to be thrown away, recycled, etc. PXes and Commissaries at overseas military bases allow coupons to be used up to 6 months past the expiration...
  5. Coupons
    It has been mentioned before, but I think it bears repeating. Participating bases are allowing their enlisted personnel and their families to use coupons that are up to six months beyond their expiration date. The link is: Mailing procedures are given in fantastic...
  6. Question and Answer
    :tweety:I was reading that the Military took expired coupons and I was wondering if any one know where I can send the coupons to. Thank you. :hug2: :tweety: :cowboy: :tigger: :gfish: April Food Budget- $200 Change Jar- $3 OV Watch Money...
  7. General Chat
    Is it okay to use toothpaste if it's expired? I was checking on my stockpile, which I try to rotate, using the oldest stuff first, but I don't go through toothpaste that fast when it's just me...
  8. Coupons
    Ever wonder what to do with all of your expired coupons? Overseas military families can use coupons that have expired up to 6 months past the date. Here are a few addresses to send them off to: Family Services Program 18 MSS/DPF Unit 5134, Box 80 APO AP 96368-5134 Osan, Korea 39 MSS/MSF ATTN...
  9. Coupons
    These coupons are $1.00 off 1 Colgate Total Advanced Whitening, Colgate Total Advanced Clean or Colgate Total Advanced Fresh Toothpaste only. (4.0 oz or larger). If you can use them let me know I'll get them in the mail this afternoon.
  10. Freebies
    Hi Everyone, I have 4 expired coupons available if anyone can use these: They are each for a FREE Afrin Nasal Spray product (up to $6.00) - They expired 3/31/08. If anyone has a store who takes expired coupons, please send me a message, and I'd be happy to send you 1 of these. I'd like to send...
  11. General Chat
    Does anyone here have an address where I can send my expired coupons for the military families overseas?Thanks:)
  12. Freebies
    I always "talk about" finding out how to send them to overseas military posts, but I never do...and end up throwing them all out at the end of the month. I've noticed a few posts here, where people are able to use expired q's. What do you all do?
  13. Coupons
    Hi Everyone, I am ISO these expireds. If you have them please let me know what you would like in trade? Marlboro coupons off packs Horizon Milk Lactaid Milk Gold Peak Tea off 1 or b1g1 Winetags for meat, chicken, salty snacks, produce, bakery - just about anything, must be good in Illinois...
  14. Military Families
    Just would like to know if anyone would like either coupons I don't use, but get n the paper, or could use the expired coupons I can't use (but can use them on base internationally or whatever), I'd really rather send them to someone/family etc who CAN use them rather than going to waste! If...
  15. Coupons
    I thought someone posted where to send expired coupons for military families ( I think) maybe i saw it somewhere else. Let me know thanks. I just cleaned out my coupon book
  16. Coupons
    Can anyone use expired NGS checks? If you email me and I'll mail them out tomorrow! [email protected]
  17. Coupons
    PLMK if you can use expired coupons!! I can make up several potlucks. All I ask is for .41 funded Paypal to cover a stamp. PLMK!!! Oh, and also LMK what kinds of coupons you're looking for. I have a mix right now of all sorts, including pets, hair color, misc. HBA, cleaning, supplements...
  18. General Chat
    I seem to recall someone here had a request for expired coupons, which could be sent and still used to military families. Does anyone know who that was, and if they're still collecting expired coupons? I have quite a few! Nada
  19. Coupons
    I would like to know if any of you live on a military base...........anyone that I could send my expired coupons to? I have a bunch and know that military bases will accept expired coupons up to 6 months past the expiration date... If any of you have any information on how to get these coupons...
1-19 of 38 Results