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  1. Utilities
    What surprises did you get with your kill-a-watt? I learned my Turkey Roaster and my electric fryer/steamer take way more electricity than I thought.:down: I also learned my bedroom TV and coffee pot can stay plugged in. The air purifier and humidifier are also non issues.:coffee: What kind...
  2. Health and beauty (NaturalNews) For the last several years, HPV vaccines have been marketed to the public and mandated in compulsory injections for young girls in several states based on the idea that they prevent cervical cancer. Now, NaturalNews has...
  3. Health and beauty
    To whooping cough by a co-worker. We've been told that our previous immunizations are no longer good. We're dropping like flies at work--- sent several coworkers to the ER with symptoms today and now I feel lousy. I have too much going on to be sick!
  4. Health and beauty
    Top Articles | Daily Email News Alerts! Wednesday, December 15, 2004 commentary: Massive medical fraud exposed: pharmaceutical company paid doctors to prescribe drugs and run sham clinical trials Here's a must-read article for anyone interested in learning how the pharmaceutical industry...
1-4 of 4 Results