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  1. Health and beauty
    I'll be 34 in September. Bleh. I've always looked like I'm years younger than I really am. But as I sit here and stare at the reflection in my computer screen, I can see the aging. I can see the sagging in the front of my face from just under my eye socket to above my laugh lines. It's sort of...
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  3. Freebies
    Thank you for your interest in the new Nelsons Pure & Clear range. We have 5,000 sample sachets of our new Nelsons Pure & Clear Purifying Daily Facial Wash to give away - fill in your details below to enter! Look for Nelsons Pure & Clear: UK - in the Complementary Medicine section of Boots...
  4. General Chat
    Does anyone have a recipe for a home made facial toner?? Thank you in advance! Mommy
  5. Freebies
  6. Health and beauty
    I had been having an issue with my face....I had a rash that I think I caused by some harsh soap I was using. Weeellll, I started trying to find the cause by process of elimination. I stumbled across some pure jojoba oil after reading up on it on a natural remedy website. It wasn't expensive so...
  7. Make It Yourself
    I am trying out some recipies for homemade beauty products and just made my own facial cleanser. It was so easy and feels wonderful. So I grated 1 bar of Castile coco soap (coconut soap) and melted it on the stove with enough water to make 16oz...probably 1.5cups water. I mixed in 1tbsp of...
  8. Just Tips
    Some of you may already know about this, and I thought of it when I read the thread on uses for coffegrounds and thought I'd post it. Home made facial scrub for dry skin. regular table sugar top with enough olive oil to make a paste.... rub into skin, then rinse with warm water. blot sokin...
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  10. Freebies
  11. Freebies
  12. Freebies An oil blend saturated with the essential oils of everlasting (helichrysum), rose absolute, and frankincense in Chilean rose hip oil (Rosa rubiginosa). Synergistic properties include skin renewal, eliminating scar tissue (even keloids) and tissue...
  13. Freebies
  14. Green Living
    I have been making my own facial cleaners and toners for a while now and wondered who else does and what they feel works best for mild adult acne? Also, what is your best homemade moisturizer?
  15. Make It Yourself
  16. Freebies
    <DIV class=smallfont><IMG class=inlineimg title=Default alt=Default src="" border=0> Free full-sized 1.7 oz Total Effects Facial Moisturizer </DIV> <HR style="COLOR: transparent" SIZE=1> <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->...
  17. General Chat
    Whether it's bushy eyebrows, a few stray hairs, or a bigger area .... How do you get rid of female facial hair? I read a thread on another board. There seem to be 3 avenues: * waxing * shaving * prescription drugs and/or laser removal I've tried #1 and #2. Does anyone know an inexpensive...
  18. Health and beauty
    Whew! This is an unhappy topic. Got a prescription from my doctor last night -- Vaniqa. Supposed to be good stuff for reducing facial hair. But ... 1. not covered by insurance (and, BTW, why should VIAGRA be covered, but not VANIQA? I think the self-esteem issues from a female's budding...
  19. Make It Yourself
1-20 of 34 Results