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  1. Coupons
    I'm working with MWKS and State Fair and I wanted share with a really fun and exciting interactive video from State Fair Corn Dogs. It's a choose your own adventure and you pick the outcome of the video. Plus if you choose the correct path there’s a coupon at the end. Your kids will love helping...
  2. Freebies
  3. Green Living
    This is an aspect of green living I haven't looked into very much yet. Just curious as to what others' opinions are and how you involve fair trade in your purchasing.
  4. General Chat
    This past Wednesday, I was a judge at our County Livestock Pavillion for "Non Perishables" in the Youth Fair. The Youth Fair is for kids from the 4th grade through 12th grade. They come from 4-H, Home Econ. classes, livestock/farming clubs, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I had never done...
  5. Question and Answer
    I usually avoid dry clean only, but someone gave me some nice suits that fit both my daughter and I, so now they both need cleaned, as well as a few cocktail style dresses my daughter bought for prom and homecoming. I usually see coupons for local cleaners in the savings safari flyers that come...
  6. Pets
    What do you think is a fair price for this service? Over Christmas holidays (7 1/2 days), I would be going to their house (2 blocks away) twice a day, letting 3 small dogs out, making sure they have food water. Putting food out and cleaning litterbox for 1 indoor cat. Cleaning up any...
  7. General Chat
    My dd is doing a science project. She picked the topic "Where can fresh baked cookies be stored to stay fresh the longest". We are making the cookies today. We have baggies to keep them in. Do you think that we should store some in the fridge, some on the counter, and some in a dark closet...
  8. General Chat
    I was searching craigslist this morning and found a local craft fair that will run Tuesday thru saturday from now till Christmas. I contacted her. She only has 4 vendors. No one else has products close to what I make. Cost is $5 a week for advertising. 25% commission as a booth rent fee. SHe...
  9. General Chat
    Does anyone know how to find the fair market value of a car? Dh hit a deer in his work car Saturday night and I'm thinking it may be totaled. The insurance adjuster is supposed to come this afternoon to look at it. He said if it's totaled they give the fair market value of it. He said they...
  10. General Chat
    One problem's not very frugal. I'm going to enjoy it anyways because we don't have a lot of expense in the entertainment category. We bought all our tickets in advance to save a little money. The two kids are free to get in. DH & I are $8 each ($10 each at the gate). We bought the...
  11. General Chat
    I must be getting old or something because I know that when my kids were in elementary school the books at the book fair were pretty affordable. My grandson's school was having a book fair last week and the book he wanted to buy was $35!!!! For one book, well make that 2, they threw in a free...
  12. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I'm just starting to read about this ~ how have I not known about it until now???? I pride myself on being up to date with politics, how did this go by me??? Anywhoo ~ are you guys familiar with The Fair Tax plan? I know Huckabee was a supporter of it...I think it sounds great. Thoughts??
  13. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I posted the Harlem voters so here are a few ignorant rednecks ;) ETA:Some of what she says is really offensive.
  14. General Chat
    What is wrong with people??? Doesn't anyone have a clue about how to act in the *real world*? The story: Dh has been recruiting at universities the last two weeks. He's in a good paying profession with high demand. So....they do these recruitment fairs at universities. The first day students...
  15. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    What do you all think of the Fair Tax? If you are against it, please explain why?
  16. Needle Arts
    and $dollars-more for more stash yea!!
  17. Frugal Living
    I just had to share some good news with every one. Eevery year our state has the Ekka (short for exhibition) it is like a state fair sort of thing. DSO likes to go every year and last year we were away on holidays so weren't able to go. This year with our new found dedication to not spending...
  18. News you can use
    Progressive Taxation: Maybe not such a good idea... Key Quotes
  19. General Chat
    We have a small county fair. The kids are very big into 4H so we are there every day. This year we even pitched a tent for one night. We'll My kids did very well with the few static exibits they entered and are going to state fair with a couple. They also showed livestock and brought home...
  20. Home Environment
    Tuesday 5/27 I'll be doing another cleaning challenge. For those of you who weren't aware of the last one, here's the scoop: From 9am central(10am eastern) to 4pm central(5pm eastern) I'll give out specific tasks at the beginning of each hour. The whole list can be completed in a total of 15...
1-20 of 54 Results