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  1. General Chat
    I dont want to go into details, but I made an 800 dollar mistake and am worried that a check will bounce....totally sick to my stomach. Yes, its my payday is Wednesday prayers that the check will not hit till Tuesday night/Wednesday...
  2. General Chat
    The last few days it has been sweltering across here and what am I doing, WATCHING CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!!, making Christmas lists, looking at how many Christmas cards I still have and it's all to do with one of the posts on the question and answer part of the forum 'things to buy or do now for the...
  3. Health and beauty
    "It's not my fault if I have a stroke." "Diabetes runs in the family." "Cancer runs in my family, so it's certainly not my fault." Haven't we heard this by Baby Boomers and our older friends?
  4. Utilities
    I've been slack in turning things off, unplugging, and I've left the air turned down to 76 all day a few times. I've just had so much on my mind the last month. So my bill went up $20, and I'm beating myself up for it! I'll do better next month. I'm getting two more CFL's for the...
  5. Sewing
    ...for posting those bunnies and bags. I HAD to look in the remnent bins at WM tonight and found yards of fleece for $2.50 or less, most were $2.25 and an inch or 2 short of a yard. I got pink, 2 lavender, purple, that bright green color I like so much, dark green, a pretty pastel stripe, a...
  6. Home Environment
    While sorting my paper for the challenge, I came across 2 gift certificates to Outback for $20!!!!!!!! We got these YEARS ago as Christmas gifts, but there's no expiration date! Valentine's Day is on you, dearie! :toothy: :toothy: :toothy: :D :toothy: :toothy: :toothy:
1-6 of 7 Results