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  1. Simple Sunday
    Busy day ahead. Started the day with the newspaper and a cup of coffee. Made pancakes for DH for the next two mornings. Heading out to buy supplies for my show. Today's agenda also includes ironing, couponing and looking for bargains, laundry, washing the car, and finally rehearsal. If time...
  2. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Anyone planning anything fun to celebrate the day that only happens once every four years? :) Remember, according to 30 Rock, if it happens on Leap Day, it isn't real, so go wild! :D Leap Day: February 29, 2012
  3. Saving Saturday
    Starting the day slowly with a cup of hot tea. My agenda is full today with cleaning the house and laundry.
  4. What's for dinner
    We're having homemade turkey soup. I made it from the bones from the turkey we had yesterday evening and carrots and leeks that I had in the fridge anyway and rice from the store cupboard. We're also having bread rolls (had them in the freezer) with left over turkey and gravy. For dessert -...
  5. What's for dinner
    I'm thinking a big batch of veggie soup with turkey meatballs. It's easy enough I can toss things in the slowcooker and forget it till dinner time. Maybe with some pan rolls. I'm on vacation, I don't want to stress over dinner.
  6. Hobbies
    Anyone interested in joining in on an all-hobby VIRTUAL retreat weekend can join in here! In a virtual retreat, those of us here at the Village who want to dedicate time to planning, doing, and showing off (pics, please :) but not required!) our craft projects will post here for inspiration...
  7. Meal planning
    I went through the pantry and freezer, and this is what the next several weeks look like. I haven't decided in what order yet. All entrees will include a fresh vegetable or salad, depending on what I find that week. ham and pineapple pizza spaghetti & meatballs veg sushi and creamed corn soup...
  8. Frugal Friday
    Already made some brownie, apple sauce, and sliced up the pineapple. Later on will vacuum. Still need to take walk and stop off at family dollar and cvs.
  9. What did you get free?
    So far this month I got: 2 bags Lays Potato Chips 2 loaves of Aunt Millie's Swirl Raisen Bread
  10. Goals and Dreams
    I just blogged about January, and I realized that the whole month went by without me doing any one specific thing that I could look back on with any sense of accomplishment. I don't want February to go by the same way, so I am setting a challenge to myself and to anyone else who wants a...
  11. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    New month!! New chance to not waste money!! :) What did you buy just because you wanted it, not because you needed it? How much money did you spend on little luxuries, or googaws, or fast food, that could have gone toward savings, debt reduction, or other things that could change the quality...
  12. Home and family challenges
    A long time ago, a friend of mine shared a philosophy with me that if he could accomplish three things a day, then he felt like he had used his day wisely. If he had sixteen things that needed to be done, he would get at least three done, then not let the other thirteen bother him, because they...
  13. Health challenges
    I have been thinking about how I abuse my body with poor choices: eating things that aren't healthy, not getting enough sleep or exercise, allowing stress to get the better of me. I have decided to challenge myself, for the month of February, to try to do at least one thing all month to give...
  14. Simple Sunday
    Enjoying a quiet morning with coffee. Bummed cause my carpet shampooer is not working, and lil' Miss thinks this place is a toilet. (MIL's dog that we're babysitting.) :poop: I love her, though, so she's forgiven. Other than cooking, today is a knitting day, and relaxing day. I hope.
  15. Home and family challenges
    If if isn't okay to post this here, please delete and let me know where it is okay to post it? Thanks so much! :) Debi - - - Wed., Feb. 23rd - - - Paper to Joanie to sign/date Find 5 things to declutter Stamps to Betty Clean out 5 things in drawer Balance checkbook Call my...
  16. Money challenges
    I totally forgot to start this on Feb. 1 - am planning on playing catch up since this is an important savings plan for me - quick cash KWIM? I am in for $1 daily so here's where I stand: 2/1 - $1 2/2 - $2 2/3 - $3 2/4 - $4 2/5 - $5 2/6 - $6 Am putting $21 in my envelope for February!!
  17. Money challenges
    :spam: So here's the challenge presented to me by my hubby..... I can not go to the grocery store to purchase anything for the whole 28 days of February! :ack: The only exceptions are as follows: * perishable/neccessary items, such as milk, eggs, etc. (we must be OUT of the item - no...
  18. What did you get free?
    We got some free snow, lots of it & more on the way, lol.
  19. Health challenges
    Starting this up for the second month of the year! I am in for 100 oz per day. How about you? Ready to join me? :)
  20. Health challenges
    A new month already!! We need to keep moving!! I am going to try for 40 minutes per day. What are your goals?
1-20 of 162 Results