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  1. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I do almost all banking online. I made 5 withdrawls (transfers) from savings to checking in January . I went online to check my accounts, (I do this every day) and noticed a 10.00 fee on my savings stating too many transactions. DH called the bank and they told him it was a new federal law...
  2. General Chat
    They are trying it out in Illinois. New $5 ATM fee just the latest checking trap - The Red Tape Chronicles -
  3. General Chat
    Due to accounting screw ups my husbands employer has not made a direct deposit to our account in a month. My bank only charges a service fee if you do not have direct deposits. Today we got hit with a 12.00 fee and it's not even our fault. Two paydays in a row they didn't even tell anyone...
  4. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Can have the Evil Credit Card Company stop a credit protector fee if I write to them rather than listen to the retention people for hours on end? I have tried to do that, but I end up giving up. If I send the letter, won't they just have to do it? I am thinking that I would include a...
  5. Question and Answer
    Need to cancel my Verizon LD phone service for my land line (they charge $5.00 per month even if you don't make any calls) and find a zero per month carrier. (I use my cell for LD calls.) Thought I had found one: * No monthly fee * No federal taxes, etc (these charges are a percentage of your...
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Dh was at our local credit union the other day and while waiting a lady wanted to buy some rolled quarters. The bank teller told her that they are starting to charge a fee for buying change now but would not charge her this time as it was just starting. I remember taking some coin to the...
  7. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions This is just crazy....or is it sane? What do you all think?!?!?!
  8. News you can use
    A fee for finding lost money A tracer firm says it's found $14,000 in lost assets for us. Do I pay them the fee they want, or do I even trust them?
  9. News you can use
    You can negotiate a balance-transfer fee Transferring a credit-card balance to save on interest carries a fee. But you can talk that fee down.
  10. Pets
    Yesterday we had a horrible wind/sand storm. You couldn't see anything! I guess something hit the gate and made it open so of course my doggies had to take off. :furious: I was taking a nap when all this happend. I found my younger dog quickly at the neighbors yard smelling around their dogs...
  11. News you can use
    Who?s to blame for Cablevision?s high phone number-transfer fee? We were surprised recently to hear that consumers who switch to Cablevision?s Optimum Voice VoIP telephone service are charged a one-time $40 fee to keep their old telephone numbers. Posing as a prospective customer, one of our...
  12. General Chat
    I heard today that restaurants are starting to charge a fee for eating in their restaurant. A coworker told me her friend was charged .17Cents for eating in the restaurant and that most restaurants will start this. Has anyone had this happen to them in their towns? I mean, really, first they...
  13. Freebies
    Get a free sample of Dove Nourishing Handwash.
  14. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Hi all! I have a question about eBay listing fees (or insertion fees, or whatever they are called). How much does it cost to list on eBay? Yahoo auctions doesn't really get the traffic that eBay does, and I'm thinking maybe eBay would be the better alternative, but I'm not sure what the fees...
  15. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I got an email about it.
  16. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
  17. Freebies
  18. Freebies Take One of these - Dr. Seuss videos - FREE. (additional videos $3.00 - Quantities are limited.) Perfect for kids of all ages and adults too. Narrated By: Boris Karloff Directed By: Chuck Jones Dr. Suess is back with his tongue twisting verse and...
  19. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    How do they get their sellers fee from you and is it cost prohibitive? Like, is it even worth it?
  20. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Just saw this on another board. Ebay is having 1/2 price insertion fees June 11-13th on items listed with starting bids $9.99 or less
1-20 of 20 Results