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  1. Pregnancy
    It seems pretty dead in here, but if anyone wanders in...anyone else have fertility issues? I have Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome and I can't get pregnant easily. If you have gotten pregnant, how did you do it? I'm interested in the responses.
  2. General Chat This doctor needs to be shut down!
  3. General Chat
    After the Jon and Kate thread i thought I would start one. What are your views on infertility? I think if you have trouble getting pregnant and want a baby then do fertility treatmanets. I am not ashamed to say I did seek treatment and I am one of the lucky ones that fertility treatments did...
  4. Freebies
  5. Pregnancy
    Has anyone used this website?   It tracks your BBT (basal body temp) for you- and apparently interprets your charts, too.   When we were trying to get pregnant with DD I used a different free BBT charting software, but I can't find that site anymore.  Of course I can just use the free printable...
  6. Family
    I was reading the older mom's what do you think thread and thought I would start mine own thread... What do you think about fertility clinics and treatments? I am curious what poeple think about this issue... I will post my thoughts after I see what some others have to say about them. Eileen
1-6 of 6 Results