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  1. General Chat
    Has anyone ever stayed at or visited the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs? Not frugal at all, but honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Today a couple friends and I took a tour of it and browsed the little shops there. The hotel and especially the grounds are TO DIE...
  2. General Chat
    Can any moms offer their advice? My 4 year old doesn't care for cold weather outside for long amounts of time. She prefers to run into buildings asap. Tomorrow we are supposed to go to a pumpkin farm an be outside the whole time. I honestly feel this will be miserable for her and she wont...
  3. Food challenges
    sorry if this is a repeat... I'm new :smhelp: and couldn't figure out what to search for... I work out in the field and am only in the office (for the entire day) once a week (if that)... I am usually there in the mornings (for about an hour) then go out to my visits... Here's the question...
  4. Freebies
    Sign up here for a complimentary subscription to Field & Stream. Enjoy one year, 12 issues, of Field & Stream. No strings attached. You'll never receive a bill. Field & Stream is America's number one sportsman's magazine focusing on hunting and fishing. Each issue features in-depth articles...
  5. General Chat
    to someone that worked in one like a doctor or ob/gyn? For example, if your father was a doctor, would you want to be one of his patients? I wouldn't because I wouldn't be comfortable with it.
  6. Education
    ~Just found this cool resource, ~
  7. Freebies
  8. Education
    Do you know in advance the upcoming field trips for your child? This is Kathryn's second field trip this year, and I've gotten a week's notice to come up with the money for them. The first time it was $17, and this time it's $20. I don't have the money for this. Grrrrr :mad:
  9. Freebies
  10. Kitchen Basics
  11. Freebies Got this one for my step dad and for my brother-in-law.
  12. Leisure Articles
    Field trips are both educational and entertaining, and your children do not have to be in school to enjoy them. In fact, toddlers and preschoolers enjoy field trips as much as their older siblings do. Even with your older children home from school during summer break, plan a few outings for both...
  13. Health and beauty
    by Deborah Taylor-Hough Family field trips are a simple, fun, and fairly inexpensive educational enrichment activity you can enjoy regularly with your children. Here are some quick ideas to get you started: 1) Many manufacturing plants offer free tours to families or small groups, and any free...
  14. Education
    When we lived in the city, field trips were a regular part of our homeschooling. Dh had the use of a company truck, so often the kids and I would go on a field trip. Now that we are in the country, we don't do as many field trips. But come Sept. I plan on making them a regular part of...
  15. Education
    Our last one was to the local pioneer homestead over a year ago. :laugh: It's getting to be the time of year for it again (actually I may have missed it already! Hope I didn't). I plan to keep the car once a week and go SOMEWHERE, I dunno, like to the bank or something. :toothy:
  16. Education
    This is really cool! :cool:
1-18 of 19 Results