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  1. General Chat
    I filed my taxes today and I am so excited! I have literally been scrapping by for the last few weeks, even told my boss I was going to have to apply for food stamps :( . Friday when we had to submit our timecards we also had to submit our bonus sheets, which mine was $0. My boss was off that...
  2. General Chat
    We started working on our income tax return Friday a week ago and had everything but my 1099-int intrest statement from the credit union where I bank and hubby's 1099-g from where he had unemployment back from Mid Feb-March last year after his resturant closed down. Those both came on Friday...
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    Just curious..
  4. General Chat
    Joe works for Ryan's (family steakhouse) and in Nov of '06 they were bought by Buffets Inc. Well last Tuesday Buffets Inc filed chapter 11. Right now they are saying "Business as usual" but one never knows in situations like this. A part of me is trying to stay hopeful that he won't be...
  5. General Chat
    We did our taxes last night and should have our refund in 10 day's. This was the first year we had a good amount of mortgage intrest to file on there as well, and I couldn't believe what a difference it made over last year. First off we are paying off credit cards.....joe will pay off his...
  6. General Chat
    Dh and I are considering filing bankruptcy. Has anyone here filed? What was it like? How much did it cost you? Are you glad you did it?
  7. General Chat
    And like last year I waited until the last minute to mail our We filed online the first of Feb but there was a form that we were suppose to mail in that of course I forgot about.....I mailed last years on 4-15 Of course it being an online e-file form the address wasn't...
  8. General Chat
    Joe and I both got our W-2's this Friday and earlier in the week we got the reciept from day care so I did our taxes Friday night. The Daycare info was in Joe's car so as soon as he got home last night I did that part and e-filed them. We got a message saying it would take up to 3 day's to see...
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  10. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Have you every filed bankruptcy?
  11. General Chat
    Hubby and I took advantage of not having the kids around this morning to get our income taxes done this morning. We e-filed them for free using the free tax prep and filing program through the IRS website (we chose H&R Block since we went through them last year). Anyway, we are getting a hefty...
1-11 of 11 Results