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  1. Christmas
    Last year I was 'surprised' at holiday time by co-workers, who each had a present for me. (Yikes!) This Friday, I happened to be "in the city" small though it may be, and had a plan in mind before heading to Michael's Craft Store. A few years ago, pearl necklackes interwoven with satin ribbon...
  2. General Chat
  3. Frugal Living
    Out of frustration with coupon purchases being often more costly than 'other' shopping options (Aldi's, Dollar Tree, nn brands or off-brands, shopping sales)----I had long ago cut back to cutting only coupons for items I truly could use on something I would not compromise on. Well, even those...
  4. General Chat
    Right on, good trade. Love me a good whisky (<- Canadian Rye Whisky spelling) from time to time as well ;)
  5. Sewing
    ...for my daughter.
  6. Needle Arts
    I've finished my knitting project :) a year later than i wanted it to but hey-ho its finished :) I started making a 3 colour scarf last winter hoping to have it ready before it got too cold, alas that didnt happen and spent most of the year in a bag waiting to be finished, well this week ive had...
  7. DIY
    So after a week and a half straight, we finished both the half bathroom on the main level and the master bathroom on the second level. The half bathroom was a complete gut job. We removed everything except for the plywood below the subfloor (because it was in good shape) and the walls. The...
  8. Sewing
    ~My dishcloths were getting ratty so I went to my t-shirt stash to cut some more out when I had a thought. What if I didn't wait until I actually needed something to sew it? I was saving white cotton t-shirts for dishcloths but hadn't realized I'd saved 6 of them. I cut them all up and sewed up...
  9. General Chat
    The Documentary, not the movie. I also saw saw the movie, but I love a documentary. I really liked the documentary about Big and little Edy.
  10. General Chat
    Our house that we have been bulding in PA sense last fall is finished. The furniture in our house from NC will be delivered on Monday. I can't wait. We have been living in our camper on our farm for 3 weeks now. It is hard with 3 kids and 2 adults. We have animals in both barns now. Glen...
  11. General Chat
    For the last 3 years, I have saved the colored bread ties from our bread....and each year, the kids & I have had fun making a garland for the Christmas tree...adding to it each year. Well, its finally finished and it doesn't look as silly as I thought that it might:) Here's a few pics:
  12. Christmas
  13. DIY
    Here it is! The shed is 5'x10'. We had started the work a couple of weeks back, but halted in order to attend to the fence which was starting to bulge/fall into the neighbors yard (stupid raised garden bed). We ended up hiring a landscaper to fix the fence and lay down the gravel and 6x6...
  14. Sewing
    She really wanted to be a unicorn, but there weren't any cheap patterns for one. I used a cat costume pattern and modified it. The dress is the cat pattern, the pants are from a pajama pattern, I modified the cat ears to turn them into horsey looking ears, the mane and tail and horn are all my...
  15. General Chat
    I haven't been around much lately because I was taking a Nurses Aide class as a prerequisite for a nursing program. Today was the final day of class and I'm proud to say that I received a 96% on the final and I received a 97% overall for the course. :)Now I only have to pass the state exam to...
  16. Hobbies
  17. Needle Arts
    heres my finished xmas gift, Im not happy with it, i should of made the image smaller I think. what do think?
  18. Needle Arts
    I finished the shorties (wool diaper cover) that I started last month. Here's a pic: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"...
  19. Needle Arts
    Yay me! I finally finished my V-neck knitted sweater vest AND I used up yarn from my stash!! Of course it's too hot to wear it now, but I'm ready for the fall!!
  20. General Chat
    I went back to night school for six months three nights a week and now I am DONE !!!! My class was Financial Clerical Support in this class we learned filing (never knew there was so many rules of filing), keyboarding (60 wpm), accounting (what a hair puller), office skills, and much more. This...
1-20 of 180 Results