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  1. Preparedness and Survival
    I bought these books for DH for Christmas. Is anyone familiar with them? There is quite a bit of information in them about homesteading/prepping/etc.... Even a whole chapter on how to make your own coffin :dopey:
  2. General Chat
    My dh and I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. What apps are really good, worth it?
  3. Health and beauty
    A lady at our church is hosting Turbo Fire excerise classes four times a week for a hour. I was wondering if anyone has used this program and what kind of results they saw. This is my fifth time doing it today and I think I see something going on. Thank you for your replies.
  4. Support
    It's turning into one of those weeks. I have friends in Texas who were forced out of their home earlier this week due to the fires. As of this morning the fire line is less than 1 mile from their house... the answering machine still picks up so they haven't lost hope yet. They are in my...
  5. General Chat
    Let's hope "Sam" learned something from this.
  6. General Chat
    Do you have one and where is it in your house? This weekend I forgot about some sugar water I was boiling on the stove for the hummingbirds, it started a fire. I was able to put it out with water but at first we had so much smoke I couldn't see how bad the fire was. I went to grab my...
  7. Fourth of July
    Ah... I love the sound of my neighborhood. It's gotta be the best holiday ever. The noise, the spirit, the beer drinking, the lakes, and...yea the US independence. :D I took my netbook outside. LOL My cats can deal with it one time of the year. :) Anyone else?
  8. General Chat
    There is a fire raging in AZ. Last report I heard it was their second worse and 0% contained. We are about 200ish miles downwind of them and the smoke here is unreal. I never knew a fire that far away would cause that much smoke here. We are getting ash fallout so bad that they are...
  9. General Chat
    My hometown the place I was born and lived for several years is on fire! Fire rages on after destroying 40% of Slave Lake - Edmonton - CBC News
  10. Cast Iron cooking
    Recently we built a new larger fit pit. We do have many cast iron pieces that we have and plan to use often in it. So far we have cooked/baked/roasted potatoes, a pork loin, corn beef brisket, stew and chicken with corn on the cob. I plan on baking cobblers, bannock dogs, chili, baked beans...
  11. Simple Living
    I'm glad she's ok. That must have been scary! HOw old is she? Was she hurt? I'm so sorry this happened. I gather from your gratitude posts that you and she are very close.
  12. Kitchen Clones
    TGI Friday’s Fire Bites Recipe calls for cracker crumbs. I prefer bread crumbs. Matter of preference. Ingredients 26 oz can Sliced Jalepeno Peppers 2 2/3 c Crackers crumbs 2 c Flour 2 Eggs 1/2 c Water Vegetable Oil ( for deep frying ) Directions Drain jalapeno peppers and set aside...
  13. General Chat
    Pray for my husband. There is a brush fire/wildfire burning on Vandenberg Air Force Base. He and others have just been ordered to evacuate. Of course he's got to do stuff before he can leave and then he will evacuate. Please pray for the safety of everyone
  14. General Chat
    What I thought was pollen and marine layer (fog) was smoke & ash! The wild fire is 25 miles east from us. This is the closest a wildfire has been to us since we've lived here in California and fire season is pretty much year round here now. This...
  15. General Chat
    I live in an apartment/condo complex, and, like everyone else, we're facing some economic hardships. I for one cannot afford for my common charges to go up- I live very simply as it is but I really don't have anything to spare. My car is about to die it's final death, and I may or may not have a...
  16. General Chat
    I feel so bad, but then we are so glad everyone is ok. Our friend took his wife & three kids to run errands. They came back to their apt on fire! So far they have alot of smoke & water damage, lost a tv, wii all the pictures they had on the walls, the mattresses on all the beds.. We have...
  17. General Chat
    We had a horrible house fire in my area that killed four children under the age of sixteen. Every newscast and newspaper had to point out how bad it was that it happened on Christmas eve. It is as if they are saying that it would have been okay any other time. This really bugs me since it...
  18. General Chat
    There was a fire in my town and the apartment building was total loss leaving 160 without a home. I was in shock when I heard, its just so sad with it being so close to christmas. Thank god everyone is safe and all the animals got out alive but some people all they have is the shirt of...
  19. Frugal Living
    The weather in my neck of the woods has slowly gotten colder - autumn is on the way for sure. We've had frost some mornings :sigh: and yesterday morning I had to dig out my scarf to wear to work :cap: So, how's the weather in your neck of the woods? Has it gotten cold enough overnight so...
1-19 of 58 Results