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  1. Home Environment
    Spring!!!!! It was warm today, and I got in the mood to work. My spring project was to stain a room divider today, wash windows, and sort thru some papers. We raked outside, picked up sticks from winter storms, and burned leaves. I had planned to do some landscaping with flowers, but it...
  2. DIY
    My hubby can fix anything! He's working on his 1953 Chevy Handyman Wagon. This is his car. He uses this or his Harley to go to work. He's a sufer so the wagon carries his boards well. The motor in the Chevy is on it's last leg, but he's patching it up till he can find another motor for...
  3. General Chat
    Well about a month or so ago my dishwasher tore up. My dh doesn't know anything about it, he looked at it but that was about the extint of it. He had his uncle come over and look at it and he said it needed a water valve replaced. So today, two days later I call and check on the part and it is...
  4. DIY
1-4 of 4 Results