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  1. Family
    Ok I don't have them right now, but the people across the hall have them so bad they had to call in an exterminator. Now I am freaking out because I hate bugs. I had a treatment left for the dog, and I will be going to the vet to get a treatment for the cat. But anyone who has ever lived in an...
  2. Pests
    Thought I'd share them in the event anyone is struggling with fleas this season If the kittens have fleas, then they are in your house. Oil of American Cedar Leaf is what I've used for years with great success. It is a bit costly, and you put 2-3 drops on pieces of brown bag in every corner of...
  3. Pests
    Here is what we do. I bathe my dogs once a week. One week is with regular Dawn dishsoap. I let it sit on for 5 minutes, just like I would a flea shampoo. The next week, I use regualr shampoo. After each bath, they get a flea spray. It is Frontline. I just spray on when they are wet. Starting in...
  4. Pests
    my dog, cat and home are invaded with fleas. We have tried baths, spot on treatments, sprays for the carpet and furniture, and I vaccuum everyday. They have dwindled, but still here. Any tried and true tips for getting rid of them for good?
  5. Pests
    We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. We also have a big field behind our house, which means we are at war with fleas. They have been to the vet and are on Advantix, but I need a solution for making sure they are not in the house. (fleas not pets...they are indoor animals except for play and potty). Catch...
  6. Pests
    oh, the fleas came back the very next day......... I have been fighting fleas for two months and I cant take it anymore. First we cleaned and cleaned , bathed them and put flea collars on. Second we put advantage on them and cleaned and cleaned again. Dh sprayed down the patio they stay on...
  7. Pests
    i dont know where to put this but am in need of info on getting rid of fleas in my house!!tonight we will bomb but what else? we sprayed our beds put powder stuff on carpets. we went threw this last year. funny thing,there are none on the cat!!they are real tiny. i think most died but then we...
  8. Pests
    My cats all have fleas. They are all ten yrs old and have never had them before. I have tried stuff from Target and some frugal ideas of my mils but nothing is working. I finialy cracked and bought frontline to the tune of 51.00 . I cant afford 50 a month does anybody have any ideas?
  9. Pests
    does anyone know of a good flea remedy?
  10. Pests
    I think this is going to give me a nervous breakdown. We have 2 cats 2 dogs. We haven't had fleas in 15 years! We are using the revolution but our dog(one stays outside) is still covered. We are bathing her every 3 days at least. I am vacuming furniture and all. Have put brewers yeast and garlic...
  11. Pests
    Question: A lot of readers write in wondering about natural ways to prevent and/or control fleas on their dogs and cats. Here are some fantastic answers sent in by other helpful readers... <TABLE cellSpacing=10 cellPadding=5 width="90%" border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD width="90%" bgColor=white>Cathy...
  12. Pests
    We have been using Frontline Plus on our dog for fleas, it always worked but isn't working now. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them?
  13. Pests
    Somehow, our three indoor cats have gotten fleas.  They never go outside, so we're not sure how this happened, but, it did. We have treated all the cats twice, sprayed all the carpets, "boiled" all the bedding (hot water washed), and most recently used two flea bombs.  We've had these critters...
  14. Pests
    What is the best way to prevent fleas? Growing up we had indoor cats and just used flea collars--never had a problem. Now I'm "adopting" an indoor/outdoor cat who doesn't like to wear a flea collar. I don't want fleas! :laugh: Recommendations?
  15. Pests
    I've been having a really hard time with fleas here in my house. I've tried flea collars, the once a month flea medicines and sprays. Nothing seems to be working. I cannot afford to bring them to the vets. Any suggestions? Any tried and true remedies that anyone may have that can be made at...
1-15 of 15 Results