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  1. Home and family challenges
    ~I love this challenge! It's amazing how much stuff comes into our homes over the course of a year. I kept track last year and I was shocked at how much came in(and I know I forgot to track some stuff!) Remembering to fling regularly will keep us from getting buried and owned by our stuff. So...
  2. Home Environment
    ~Today's goal is to fill a large bag or purge 100 items from your home. I know it sound huge but it's doable! Try your junk drawer, craft supplies, magazines and catalogs, socks, rags, toiletries, plastic containers, kid toys and games. We can do this!~
  3. Home Environment
    ~The goal? 100 items gone today. Anyone wanna join me?~
  4. Home and family challenges
    ~It's that time of year again and I am so ready! Now's the time of year I make my nest clean and cozy for the approaching Winter months. So my goal is to purge my home of 1000 items during the Fall months. Anyone want to join me again this year? You can choose your own flinging goal amount, it...
  5. Home and family challenges
    This may be tough for those of us who participated in the 2010 challenge, but I'll bet we can find another 2011 pieces of dust-collecting clutter to rid ourselves of!! (And yes, for those of you trying to lose weight, pounds count.)
  6. Home and family challenges
    ~I'm sick of stuff! I do this fling every year and I'm also participating in the Fling 2010 Things Challenge and the stuff everywhere still seems to breed and pile up! In previous years I've set a goal of items to fling(usually 1000) but this year I'm going to focus on a daily effort more than...
  7. Home and family challenges
    In yesterdays mini-fling challenge, one of our villagers purged her unmentionables, (which I'm about to mention :toothy:), and it got me thinking... I know I haven't gone through my own underwear in a looooooong time, and perhaps it's time! So, although I won't ask you to post pictures of this...
  8. Home and family challenges
    How much clutter can you fling? I'll bet you have 2010 things in your house that don't belong there. Let's find them a new home, whether it be at the thrift store, a friend's house, or the dump. One less thing in your house is one less thing to clean or keep organized!!
  9. Freebies
    Fling is a fun puzzle game and you can't beat free. It's normally $2.
  10. Home and family challenges
    Hey everyone! I know it's a holiday weekend, but wouldn't you be able to enjoy the holiday a little more if you didn't have to wade through stuff to do it? I challenge everyone to grab a grocery bag or other small trash bag and fill it. Walk through your entire house/apartment and pick up...
  11. Home and family challenges
    I enjoyed the fall fling in 2008, but now that I've flung 1,000 items, I want to see if I can de-clutter even further. I am starting two months' late, but I am going to try to fling 2009 things this year. Just to add a twist, though, if I bring anything (other than groceries or necessary items...
  12. Home and family challenges
    ~Last year we supported each other in a massive de-cluttering. Here's a link to last year's thread, . I really need to do it again and I want to start earlier this year. I'm going with 1000 items again with a reward...
  13. Home Environment
    Bling: that intriguing new word in our lexicon, meaning over-the-top, excess, guady, flashy, trashy (maybe??), eye-catching decor, dress, accessories, etc. I watched an episode of "What Not to Wear" and the girl was being chastised for carrying a purse that had plastic and metallic bubbles all...
  14. Home Environment
    ~I am just SICK of all of the 'stuff' we have crammed into our small ranch house and our shed. Even with DAILY decluttering I'm not getting ahead. So I decided to aim high and plan to purge 1000 items from my home. I'm giving myself all of Fall to do this(until Dec. 21, isn't that Winter...
  15. Home and family challenges
    This week declutter your linen and coat closets. I'm looking forward to doing mine. Lots to organize and purge over here. :)
  16. Home and family challenges
    For those ready to move onto to mission 3, this week we're doing bathrooms. This includes any bathroom vanities, drawers, and closets. If you're still working on bedrooms, that's ok. I'm still working on my dresser over here.
  17. Home and family challenges
    Remember when cleaning them out to also clean out the send pms along with your tracking. Lets see how many can do it and post you've done it. Mine are done...... NEXT!!
  18. Home and family challenges
    This week we'll be doing bedrooms. My plan is to tackle three bedrooms this week. My rooms are fairly easy since we don't have much furniture or really much of anything in them. Zachary's room will be the toughest because toys have made their way into his bedroom, but I'm up for the...
  19. Home and family challenges
    Okay I'm really getting into the spring fling thing this year. BUT I'm finding I have a number of packrats in my home. Dh - the more I throw out, the more he wants to bring in. If I throw out an old rag, he wants it in his workshop. I've gotten now where I throw out the garbage before...
  20. Simple Living
    I was thinking about simplifying my life even more. There are days when I seem to have lost that tranquil feeling because I have so much to do, so I've decided as I do the spring fling that everything is going to gone over with a fine tooth comb to see how I can simplify even more in each...
1-20 of 39 Results