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  1. General Chat
    Purging wardrobe - no longer holding on to items from years ago! Who really wants old ratty leftovers? Haha, my old boots got flung into the garbage bag with disgust I was sick of those old ankle breakers. The only exception to the throw it out...
  2. Home Environment
    Bling: that intriguing new word in our lexicon, meaning over-the-top, excess, guady, flashy, trashy (maybe??), eye-catching decor, dress, accessories, etc. I watched an episode of "What Not to Wear" and the girl was being chastised for carrying a purse that had plastic and metallic bubbles all...
  3. Home Environment
    a bunch of plastic containers I had been saving for this or that. I was saving those giant margarine containers and tons of the new plastic folgers containers and baby wipes containers. Well enough is enough. lol I don't need tons of them. :toothy: So out out out they went and I'm feeling...
  4. Home Environment
    Well, my flinging has slowed down a bit because I have been working so much. I worked everyday last week. I got up Saturday morning and did the laundry area in my kitchen. The fact that it has some of those folding plastic woodtone doors allowed it to become a catchall space. Man, I can't...
  5. Home Environment
    I flung the entire diningroom! I have SO much space and stuff for my yardsale. Really, I probably have enough for a yardsale from the diningtoom alone! It is so nice and tidy in there, it looks huge because I flung so much! Now I have less to clean and dust, my life is becoming more and more...
  6. Home Environment
    ugh I can't seem to get motivated to keep on flinging. The playroom is in the BEFORE stage again. :eek: My laundry is stacked up AGAIN. I'm singing the flinging blues.
1-6 of 6 Results