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  1. General Chat
    We have a trip planned to Florida soon. My Mister is extremely anxious and fearful of flying. In his words, "I HATE FLYING." He is now contemplating not going?!?! :( To be fair, I told him I looked at Amtrak and it's the same price if we don't get sleeping rooms but it's a 2-day trip, 44...
  2. General Chat
    Ok. I'm torn. (And I'm sorry if there's a more appropriate forum for this... I can't think of any. ) I bought tickets for all of us, but my 16 monther is, at the moment, a lap baby. I can't buy her a ticket right now because I lost my debit card. I'm somewhat worried about letting her ride...
  3. General Chat
    I know I've asked this before, but that was a different time of year. I have to get my dog from Seattle to Columbus in December. She's too big to ride in the cabin and she can't ride in the cargo area of it's too cold. Any ideas? Do people with larger dogs just not travel this time of year...
  4. General Chat
    Been so busy around the house gettin things done, Now since the ordeal with the Sd gone has , really made us so what relaxed and go about our day with less stress. My daughter was Saved at church last week I re dedicated myself, Nt oldest daughter and kids an there daddy went with me today. So...
  5. Freebies To learn more about how to become a pilot, fill out the simple form below to receive your FREE DVD! It uses video and graphics to answer frequently asked questions about learning to fly, such as: * What to expect on your first...
  6. Home Environment
    A couple of weeks ago I posted about my frustration with the flylady system. Thanks for the responses. I took everyone's advise and have been customizing her system to work for me. I know she encourages us to do this but it took some creative thinking (and I had to stop whinning that it...
  7. General Chat
    This has been the most expensive week. I am not one to normally stress or worry over spending a few dollars here or there. I am actually the spender in my family - love to shop, buy things for my kids, take my kids places, etc.... But I swear, I dont want to spend another dime this week. Last...
  8. General Chat
    Ok I think I have a ghost in my house. He/She is hiding in the laundry room! I just went to go grab my towels to hang them on the clothes line out back and came back down to the basement. Im sitting here, surfing the village and I hear a 'tock....TOCK!' noise. So I go check the laundry room...
  9. Vacations and Travel
    can someone explain how this works? i have heard of it but never really understood
  10. Vacations and Travel
    I can't wait until it is time to go!! DS#2, DS#3, and I are flying to California tomorrow. Our first stop is to pick up DH who is there on business. He is 90 miles from our destination. So, we will rent a car and travel to San Diego. I won't be able to sleep Wed. because of the anxiety of...
  11. Vacations and Travel
    We fly out of Tampa at 8:10 tomorrow morning, I'm a nervous wreck!!!! It has been snowing in Buffalo for four days. I've got myself sick over the whole taking off and landing thing!!! Say prayers please!
  12. Vacations and Travel
    all three of us, to see my family. Now I'm starting to have panic attacks about the flights! We are going from 4/11 - 4/17. Does anyone have any tips for those of us who are nervous about flying? TIA
  13. Support
    home. Not sure when Eleni and I are leaving, my sister is going to be letting me know tomorrow, then I have to get tickets. I'm pretty sure this will be the last time I'll see my Dad alive. Please sent good thoughts and prayers. (I'm kind of afraid of flying)
  14. Vacations and Travel
    Ultimate source for airplane seating and in-flight services information.
  15. Christmas
    I did as best I could with the Flylady Holiday missions. While I didn't get done by the first week in December as the missions went, my cards were out in plenty of time, I was able to send all gifts UPS ground instead of 2 day air, as they were sent out on time. And I'm sitting here ready for...
  16. Creative Cooking
    It was really quick and simple to put together. It is just a recipe for tuna puffs- eggs, bread crumbs, tuna, milk, and some seasonings. As soon as I pulled them out of the oven, DD wanted one. When Iput one on a plate, she wasn't so sure she wanted it, but then I ecouraged her to smell it...
  17. General Chat
    Just wondering if anyone else deals with this. My ds (12) recently flew out to stay with his grandparents in CA. I'm learning there are quite a few people in this world who have to deal with this and wondering if there were anyone here??
  18. Pets
    Saw a turkey fly yesterday. He landed on our neighbor's truck. Had to take pics of how these guys are not shy at all.
  19. Pets
    So, when we move, dd and I will be flying. We have to take the cat with us. How do we go about relocating the cat? We would prefer her to go on the plane, as DH is taking the dog in the truck with him, and it is a 19 hour drive. Any insight?:paw:
  20. General Chat
    sneaking in again to say HELLO! cant stay long. try to read some posts tomorrow & reply if i get a moment. Sue.
1-20 of 28 Results