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  1. Home and family challenges
    I know there are a few clean and organized home challenges going on here, but I am starting FlyLady and I was wondering if anyone else would like to join me. I've started a few times and I am always veer off track. I thought maybe if was reporting back here I might keep up with it.
  2. Home Environment
    Today was house 'blessing' day, of course. Did the ole' dust and vac. Didn't get done (I will only work 1 hour a day on the house, if DH gets to be retired....:bs2:) so I will finish tomorrow. Like Scarlett O'Hara, I'll think about it then. :va: :drama: I reached up there for those cobwebs...
  3. Household notebooks and home manuals
    wondering if anyone has any forms/ideas that they would be willing to share about their home management book. Here's what's in mine....very Flylady but modified for what I need: Zones Weekly Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies recipes Quick Menu - broken down by day and by topic Make Your Own Food...
  4. Just Tips
    I have started the Flylady "thing" so many times and do really well, then stop only to have CHOAS. Some routines stick. Choas gets better each time but it still ends with CHOAS. Does anyone else do Flylady and if so, has it worked for you?
  5. Home Environment
    Have been trying to use the flylady system for a few weeks now. There just seems to be a lot to do with the baby steps, control journal, daily routines and zones. I do try to get my daily chores done before I tackle decluttering but the list of daily stuff is long. So sometimes I don't have...
  6. General Chat
    I receive her emails daily, and I received this one yesterday. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Nada again: The reason that this bothers me so much is that, as a Wiccan and a Pagan, I too get...
  7. Home Environment
    This is my first time here but I love - does anybody else use this site.
  8. Home Environment
    If this has been asked before I apologize. I am new and was curious if anyone here was a practicing fly baby. I saw some things on here about organization and decluttering, is there a club? Thanks
  9. Home Environment
    I have been doing flylady for quite a while. Not with the total magic experience that all of the testimonials, but with some success. Like morning, afternoon, and evening routines. My laundry is under control, meals are good, and I try to throw away as much as possible every week. I wouldn't...
  10. Home Environment
    Is this lady for real - I'm totally serious. Now I know her first letter said not to whine. I'm not whining, I have legit questions. :toothy: I couldn't get to my e-mail account yesterday at Yahoo because I had both carrots and Swiss chard to get out of the garden and to freeze. That...
  11. Health and beauty
    Thought I'd just add in a reminder to do your breast self exams. Pop it on the calendar for the week after your period if you still get those (heheheheh I'm FREEEEEE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) You never know WHAT you'll find in there!!! The hamster that ran off with the guinea pig, lots of money...
  12. Home Environment
    I've been getting some of the stuff done around the house, but still wanted some further motivation. So, I signed up for the e-mails again. I'll delete most of them, but for the next two weeks, I'm hoping she can help me get this place under my belt so I'm ready to go back to school feeling...
  13. Home Environment
    Hi everyone, I really like FlyLady (tried her before and couldn't stand it!!) because I have finally gotten to the point in my life where I NEED to have neat and clean around me ( :laugh: this coming from a lifetime member of the "Slob of the Month" club! ) The problem is that I have a newborn...
  14. Simple Living
    I'm curious if anyone is doing the Flylady declutter challenge. If so, have you decluttered anything weird, strange, stupid, etc.? I'm interested in what has been thrown away, given away, etc. I decluttered in my basement yesterday for about an hour. I threw away wildlife encyclopedias from...
  15. Home Environment
    does anyone here use flylady?? her website is i subscribed for a while but i just could not get with it...:( i thought it would really help me keep organized. has anyone had any luck with flylady??
1-15 of 15 Results