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  1. General Chat
    Maybe some folks read my thread started on Jan 20th called 'it's turning into quite a year already'. I now have a follow up. I have decided that damage control is going to be the mantra for this year. February has - I admit - not been as bad as January but we do still have half of the month...
  2. General Chat
    OK we have been following the Feingold Program since 2004! and I can cut corners in lots of area's but my food bill is huge because of this. I do make lots from scratch but working full time and being a single parent does put some constraints on my time so I am looking on ways to organize and...
  3. General Chat
    The real breaking has started. I hope you like the photos.
  4. Meal planning
    Canada has their own set of guidelines when it comes to nutritional eating. It's found here: Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide - Main Page They have a customizable food guide that you can make, as well as a basic table that covers both age and gender. That one is here: How Much Food You...
  5. Family
    OK - I have to shamelessly brag. Yay for DD!!! She is having a great couple of weeks. The tri-county area we live in is called "The River Region". Two weeks ago she was one of only five youth to be nominated for the River Region's Youth Volunteer of the Year. Last week she was elected Student...
  6. Green Living
    I'm slowly transitioning my family and would love to chat with someone. Whole foods, a more natural way of feeding ourselves & our family. Based on this book: Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig :wave2:
  7. Health and beauty
    low carb meal plan, or modified low carb meal plan? I'm NOT a dieter, I perfer to eat a whole foods modified lower carb meal plan for my health and the added benefit of weight loss, but it seems most perfer low calorie, low fat meal plans. So am I alone out here on the FV? I'd love to swap some...
  8. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    It's three months into 2009. We've been budgeting since May 2008. That's ten months' worth of budgeting practice, perfection and outright chaos that we've been working through to get to where we are now. I can safely say that our budget's at the best it's ever been. We paid off two nagging...
  9. General Chat
    We ll i mentioned yesterday about the cell phone. Today i was able to add my house phone to media com with upgrade to cable abd iternet.So between the changes made we are saving $130 a month. Im so happy.:jabber:
  10. Question and Answer
    OK - I lived through Hurricane Andrew, Charlie and many more, then I had a direct hit with Hurricane Wilma in Florida. I move to Maine and now, we have a hurricane gonna hit Maine. WTH? Can I NOT get away from Hurricanes?
  11. News you can use
    Rewards credit card can pay off if you follow basic guidelines You've stopped going out to eat, canceled your cable TV service and learned to cut your own hair. But you still have to buy groceries ...
  12. Money challenges
    ... how much did you pay off this year? I need to sit down with DH and go through our books to come up with a total, but I'm guessing it's around $7,000 for us. I'll come back and post when I have the total.
  13. Military Families
    Hubby will be doing his remote after his current deployment so we got to pick our follow on. We will be moving to McGuire AFB the summer of 2008. Anywhere near there?
  14. Frugal Living
    So when you buy a free after ECB item, you get the amount of the item in "in store credit" right? That's what ECB's are....right? Then you can print them off for the next visit and use them after 2 days, right? It's like putting your Walgreens rebate back on your card (only you don't get the 10%...
  15. Education
    an engraved Medal for his musical composition at the Langley Music Festival! His piece was for two cellos and was called "working in the dark". He is 11 yr. old and has really taken off with his music writing. It has been a great year for him!
  16. Question and Answer
    Hello, I just began reading this book today and had alot of questions and/or thoughts about it. Does anyone else follow the principles set forth in this book and would you want to discuss it? TIA!
  17. Dave Ramsey
    We are Dave fans, have read his books and listen to his radio broadcasts on the puter. We follow most of what he advises. I know that he speaks from experience and I like knowing that he's been there and done that. Sometimes when people call in he shoots down their business ideas before he hears...
  18. Leisure & Media Arts
    I did at first, however haven't lately.
  19. Sewing
    I have so much trouble following sewing patterns. I find I have to cut out all the pieces and then figure out how to sew the pieces myself. I'm very visual, so most patterns are all greek to me. How about you?
1-19 of 24 Results