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  1. Dave Ramsey
    Should you continue to be AS gazelle-intense during baby step 3, as you are with the debt snowball? I am very close to baby step 3, but here is my dilemma... (trying to make a long story short) WE could probably get the EF fully funded in about 6 months if I continue my very stressful, 1-2 days...
  2. Family
    Dd is a born leader. Ds is a follower. He would do anything anyone tells him to do.
  3. Home Environment
    Do you wear tie shoes like she says to? I just can't get into wearing shoes! LOL! So, I am interested to see if you do or don't!
  4. Health and beauty
    Anyone still doing either of these? I have been doing it since June 16th--with the exception of my vacation week. I'm back on and looking forward to weighing in on Monday (though I may wait a few days since it's my TOM).
  5. Health and beauty
    Just curious as to what everyone enjoys. Dh and I are doing it together for the first time (he has done it many times through the years), and I want to give him a great selection of meals and snacks. What are your favorites?
1-5 of 5 Results