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  1. Stockpiling
    Incandescent lightbulbs, the ones teardrop shaped with filament in them, will not be sold past December/January. You 'need' to purchase the Energy Saver ones with mercury inside (yeah, right). Anyway, so just reminding ya to stock up - Home Depot had them on sale here. . .:remind:
  2. General Chat
    tonight before bed. Yep that time of the year for most of us to "spring forward". We have so many things that have clocks and "springing forward" isn't my fav...having it dark earlier, now that's cool, lol. Rejoice, all of you who are thrilled with more daylight towards the end of the day.
  3. General Chat
    We're 8 months into the year and the posts in the money challenges forum have been slacking off. If you've been working on building up your emergency fund and/or paying down your debt, please remember to post regular updates in the appropriate threads. We need everyone to participate to hit...
  4. Pets I don't know about y'all, but I could make at least 1 stuffed animal per day with the animal hair I have to clean up :toothy:
  5. Kitchen Basics
    I had a serious baking oops today, it's soooo embarrassing. I used a recipe I found online to make banana oatmeal muffins and I left out the flour! I thought the batter looked odd. :) Maybe it's because I remembered seeing another recipe that happened to be gluten free, but I was pretty much...
  6. General Chat
    Forget Christmas Shopping I thought this writer had some good points... We're planning to scale back even further from what we're doing this year (which is already greatly reduced). Most of the people we know don't want a bunch more "stuff" anyway... I like his college savings plan idea for...
  7. Just Tips
    your squash seeds for a great snack. Pumpkin seeds can be saved too. They are a great source of potassium, magnesium, and zinc, plus others. They are somewhat high fat but low saturated while they have a few calories.....the fat is the good fat. Just spread them out, as best you...
  8. General Chat
    Well today is my birthday. I didnt get a call from my parents. I guess old age is catching up with them. my dad is 85 my mom is 78. My mom i can understand she has dementia, my daddy, well i was born on fathers day. They will remember in a week and then call me.. LOL
  9. General Chat
    not necessarily my place to do this, but I was just over there and .....I was the only one's a lonely place.....There are some very interesting threads there and I think a lot of people either don't know about it, or just forgot about it.....So, I am bumping this one up.....please...
  10. General Chat
    I went to call my mother this morning and omg, I totally forgot she was having surgery today! :( She's having the shoulder repaired that she injured when she had her bicycle accident about six years ago. I even talked to her just yesterday and totally forgot she was having the surgery today...
  11. General Chat
    Just a little reminder for those who know about them, and a heads-up for those who don't. :) Under the community tab, check it out! There are over a dozen in there now I think, including groups for crafters, cookers, readers, y-chromosomers, and lovers. ;) There is a job loss support group...
  12. General Chat
    If you are not getting enough FV to feed your addiction, don't forget that there is a whole "secret" forum in the social groups. There used to be, like, three, but now it looks like there are about a dozen to join. And I just added one, so that makes it a baker's dozen. :) If you don't know...
  13. General Chat
    I know times are tough for all of us now, and we all know this is the situation in the back of our minds but we forget about it in our daily lives... Food pantry donations in some areas have seen a HUGE decline in the amoutn of donations, and a HUGE increase in the number of people needing...
  14. Coupons
    Mine expire tomorrow (8/10/08) I'm assuming all of the printed ones from the newspapers do. I noticed one strange thing - though the coupon says it's not good for the 12-count boxes, every store I used it at allowed me to use it on the 12-count boxes without question. (And to be honest, I...
  15. General Chat
    I don't know if this is true or not. :laugh: but it's funny. Cancel your credit card before you die..........(hilarious!) Now some people are really stupid!!!! Be sure and cancel your credit cards before you die. This is so priceless, and so, so easy to see happening, customer service...
  16. Careers
    Here's a good article to remind us working moms to take a moment to care for ourselves!
  17. News you can use
    Don't forget your state tax returns Most states collect income taxes and most want them on April 15, too. Bankrate's updated state tax pages can help you meet this deadline.
  18. General Chat
    It's that time again to change the clocks and the batteries in your smoke & carbon dioxide detectors. :glass: Is there anything else you do when we change the clocks?
1-19 of 67 Results