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  1. General Chat
    Waving a big hello! My name is Jean and I am a loving, single, homeschooling mom of one fabulous 13-year-old son and a proud daycare provider. How did you hear about frugal village? I did a search for simple living forums. After looking over a couple, I was drawn to FV. What interests you...
  2. General Chat
    New to the site How did you hear about frugal village? I started out in where I am a staff writer, looking for any articles about peroxide. That search took me another writer's entry about frugal living. Her article provided a link to this site, which has information about...
  3. General Chat
    Hi everyone, :wave: I just noticed there's over 1500 pages in this forum alone! Holy crap! That's a very busy place! Much better than being dead and deserted I guess. :hubba: So, I'm from ottawa, canada, been involved with simple living for a great many years now and particularly like the...
  4. General Chat
    I registered back in late 2008 I believe. Shortly after 2009 began things got a bit crazy for us and I was offline for a while. Now I'm back to the forum. I'm sure I remember when I was on before there was a feature where you could see pictures from different members albums and I thought it...
  5. General Chat
    What I mean by that is do you feel most people around the forums who use it on a daily/weekly basis recognize your username, Avatar posts and have generally have a personality pegged to your online identity? If you don't feel this way, are you bothered by this? Or do you generally not have any...
  6. General Chat
    Hello all! I've been browsing this forum for quite a while and finally decided to join. A little about me... Name Eric Location MPLS MN Age 27 Occupation IT Manager Married, no children Saving monster LOL
  7. General Chat
    I don't know if there's a specific answer that's going to be the right one, so I posted it here. We were going to have a party, but I had to clear out all the boxes of books from the house first, which just hasn't happened. Our 30th wedding anniversary is next month. I told DH I wanted him to...
  8. Green Living
    I have been looking around at the different forum boards out there for green moms and I'm surprised at how many are very snotty and snobish and just come across as being self-centered. :drama: Some of the comments and attitudes just seem somewhat holier-than-thou, like "You're not as green as...
  9. Relationships
    hey everyone. i am new to this forum, and newly single as well. i joined in hopes of a valuable experience giving/receiving advice about relationships.. obviously im not doing too well at it if i got dumped.. i look forward to getting to know you all in the forum!
  10. Question and Answer
    Is there a home organizing forum or challenge on FF? I see tons of other challenges and forums, but nothing on organizing the house. If not, would anyone be interested in following one if I started one? Focusing room to room and area to area. Although this is one of the downfalls in my own...
  11. Christmas
    ~And now it's time for my yearly persnickety nagging. Please post Christmas topics in the Christmas Forum! It's here to keep the village organized so please use it. Thank you!~
  12. Question and Answer
    ....but maybe there is someone else from another part of the world who can also help. There was a TV series a while ago called 'Life on Mars' made by the BBC. I LOVED LOVED this series but for one reason or another I only managed to see a few episodes. Now I know that there was also an...
1-12 of 143 Results