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  1. Freebies
    I think some of us already know about this one, but just in case, this is a website that posts free samples, discounts, etc. Coupons, Deals & Freebies | Get it Free
  2. Freebies
    any freebie sites for kids, anyone know of?
  3. Freebies
    Link *you do have to create a free account to receive this* These do come and they are nice calendars. The Enjoying 2012 Calendar will help you stay focused all year with… God’s plans for your life Scriptures and encouragement from Joyce Featured resources...
  4. Freebies
    Your preschooler will have fun learning and practicing basic skills such as counting with 1:1 correspondence, sorting by type, coloring/do-a-dot pages, sorting by size, identifying words in a story, finding what is different in a picture, rhyming and more! Ocean Preschool Pack
  5. Freebies
    Get five free packets of Javacid if you enter the coupon code FREESAMPLE after adding this item your cart! Enjoy five wonderful cups of your favorite coffee with no worries about stomach upset! Just stir in a JAVAcid packet to any coffee or coffee drink, even mocha, latte and espresso! Zero...
  6. General Chat
    The neighbor is moving and he has a girl just two years older then my oldest. She has crossed over into the tween zone and no longer wants a little girl room so he is passing on all sorts of great stuff to my girls. A Disney chair, clothes , shoes, toys, her entire barbie collection. The best...
  7. Freebies
    Notebooking the 50 States includes individual outlines for all 50 states, maps of the United States with state boundaries (with and without state names), timeline pages and various pages that can be used for writing reports, creating state profiles (including pages appropriate for detailing...
  8. General Chat
    Hello I am Michele and am new here. I am not sure where to put this, but I got my first free cereal using coupons today. Walmart has Malt O Meal bag style cereal, 12 oz for 1.00 each, in the middle of their store, and I had been holding on to my coupons and had several from 2 weeks ago Sunday...
  9. Freebies
    I realize not everyone celebrates Christmas, but Hanukkah. I found a neat little freebie for our Jewish villagers. :) Creative Learning Fun: Hanukkah Activity Packet (Freebie)
  10. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Just found this site and I'm loving all the free printables. Perfect for token gifts. Many holiday & celebration ideas here. Great Site!! kind over matter: Kind Over Matter's DIY Freebies : Printables & Tutorials!!
  11. General Chat
    A family in our homeschool group is moving and gave us their baby grand piano!!!! We have been wanting to get a piano for quite a while. We have an old electric organ that the kids LOVE to play, but they've outgrown it. This is awesome. Only problem is it's HUGE!
  12. Freebies
    we want to send you a free sample of Econo-Clean. Do you have an empty spray bottle to mix it in?" answer yes If the Econo-Clean works as well, or better than your current products, and saves you money, will you consider placing your first order when we phone you? -answer yes i will maybe...
  13. Freebies
    make sure you check the box that says “Join the Smooshed Squad”.
  14. Freebies :rainote:
  15. Freebies
    Free Issue of Dog's Life Magazine :rainote:
  16. Freebies
    Ambi Soft & Even Stretch Mark Diminishing Oil, Colgate Wisp :rainote:
  17. General Chat
    Greetings, I am from Indiana. I do my best to live a frugal lifestyle . I love to learn and I love to share with others. I think the articles that I have read here are really nice and will be reading plenty more.
  18. General Chat
    This may be the most unusual freebie I have ever found! I know Walmart carries about everything, but.....KITTENS?!!!! I was at Walmart a couple of months ago and went in thru the garden center door. Just as I was going thru the automatic doors in between the garden center and the store I looked...
  19. Freebies
    New scent ~ "Game Day" ~
1-20 of 137 Results