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  1. General Chat
    I know it has been posted here, but can't find it. Can anyone help me find it...I think there is one you make up the night before and bake in the morning?
  2. Healthy Cooking
    French Toast Casserole 1 loaf bread ($0.39) 6 eggs, beaten ($0.63) 1 cup milk ($0.18) 2 tsp. vanilla ($0.10) 2 tsp. cinnamon ($0.05) ½ cup canned white beans, rinsed and pureed, ($0.20) Fresh blueberries and strawberries (more Manager’s Specials–$2) Tear up bread slices into bite size chunks...
  3. Kitchen Basics
    I have a big, big family size bag of frozen french fries in my freezer. Neither DH or I will ever eat all of these as standard fries. Any suggestions as to ways to use these up? Casseroles or other ideas???
  4. Kitchen Clones
    Cinnamon Raisin French Toast For the French Toast custard, combine using a hand whisk the milk, heavy cream, eggs, honey, vanilla extract and the salt. This custard can be made well in advance. Give a brisk stir before making the toast. Transfer the custard to a casserole or open shallow...
  5. Calculations and Alternatives
    @ the $ Tree you can buy 1 &1/2 # bag of frozen french fries (in their freezer case) for, of course, $1. Aldi's price is $1.69 for a 2# bag. So... you're getting 3#'s of $tree for 2$--compared to Aldi's 2#bag...that's an extra 1# for 31c. And they're good & will buy them again. :) 1serv=110cal...
  6. Kitchen Clones
    Bob Evans' Pecan Caramel French Silk Pie Ingredients: 1 baked pie shell, not graham cracker 2 jars caramel ice cream topping 1 pound chopped pecans 4 cups chocolate mousse (homemade, or made from mix.) 2 cups whipped cream 8 ounces cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup sugar Directions: Mix cream...
  7. Christmas
    I totally think I could make this French Christmas tree. I'd love to have it for my closet/dressing room/sewing room. Oh my just lovely. Scroll down to pink Christmas tree
  8. Kitchen Clones
    T.G.I. Friday's French Onion Soup 2 Tablespoons butter or margarine 4 cups sliced onion 3 cups beef broth 1−1/2 cups water 1 Tablespoon cooking sherry 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1 dash dried thyme 1 cup soft croutons 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese Melt butter...
  9. Soups and Stews
    Do you make French onion soup? I do. I like to save broth from a roast to use as my soup base. When I see a good deal on onions I make soup. My special ingredients include beer and brown sugar. It's a frugal and delicious meal. The problem: I CAN NOT STAND TO CUT ONIONS! Why do they bother me...
  10. Soups and Stews
    I am in search of a really good french onion soup recipe. DH had one and he lost the recipe card, it was an excellent recipe, and I can't remember what was in it (other than onions & beef broth :) ). I have tried a bunch of different recipes, just can't find anything that is really good. So...
  11. Coupons
    snapple antioxidant water coupons. Let me know if you have any and what you want to trade.
  12. Make It Yourself
    Baked French Toast Sticks (this is a big batch but you could cut in half) 1-1/2 to 2 loaves of thick bread 1 c melted butter 16 eggs 1-1/3 c sugar 1 t cinnamon 2-2/3 c milk 1 T vanilla Preheat oven to 350. Cut slices of bread into 3 sticks. In a large bowl, mix together butter, eggs, sugar...
  13. Freebies
  14. Freebies The Pink Pearl Pansy: The pink pansy on this necklace represents that first day of Spring, when that one little flower begins to bloom, revealing a hint of color and vibrance after a long cold winter. Coin Charm: The brass coin hanging from the antiqued brass figaro...
  15. Kitchen Basics
    Anyone have any tips for keeping homemade bread from crumbling when making french toast..... or a bread recipe that makes bread strong enough to hold up to french toast making ?
  16. News you can use
    Expert: French trader's losses showed in June Jerome Kerviel, the trader blamed by Societe Generale for billions in losses, had a trading deficit of 2.2 billion euros ($3.2 ... </img>
  17. News you can use
    Accused French trader ordered jailed A Paris court on Friday ordered French trader Jerome Kerviel to be jailed while investigations continue into massive losses at ... </img>
  18. Freebies
    Giant Tiger has the crinkle cut Valley Farms French Fries for 39 cents a bag. The limit is 6! We are going to be eating a lot of fries in the next little while.... chili cheese fries, fries and gravy, burger and fries, fries supreme.....
  19. Soups and Stews
    FRENCH ONION SOUP: This is a peasant soup that is very simple and perfectly delightful for everyday dining or fancy occasions. The only expensive part is the cheese, but it’s necessary. I’ve tried substituting other smoked cheeses for gruyere, with mixed results. You’ll need some oven-safe...
  20. Freebies
    Skinwonder is always curious about customer experiences with our products. Would you like to test the creamy, skin repairing Skinwonder Skin Repair Cream? Then hierrequest a sample and let us know what you think about it. Skinwonder Skin Repair Cream nurses, repairs and protects the skin...
1-20 of 68 Results