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  1. Cast Iron cooking
    Hi there We recently bought 2 cast iron frying pans very cheap, about 8UK pounds each. The idea was to throw away the non-stick ones whose coating can be hazardous. However we are not sure if these new pans are not pained over with some kind of black paint, like the black powder paint they used...
  2. Green Living
    Hi, I need some help to pick out some good frying pans. Right now I have cast iron but I hate cleaning them and they are soooo heavy. My pans are seasoned but when I use them and they get whatever (cheese etc) on them I have to wash them with dish soap. Then I dry them and coat them with...
  3. Kitchen Basics
    I'm a novice fryer looking for some opinions on what binding agents work best for breading and frying meats. We eat mostly healthy but do enjoy a good batch of fried chicken every now and then. I have tried buttermilk/flour and egg/flour with good results. Thinking of possibly giving bread...
  4. Kitchen Basics
    ok i need help. my husband fried some ham in a supposedly non stick frying pan and now its a burnt cakey mess. ive soaked it, and scrubbed it with a very course sponge and have ran it thru the dishwasher several times and its still black and icky. any thoughts on how to clean it??
  5. Kitchen Basics
    I usually go with olive oil for things that need just a little oil in the pan, but when I need an inch or more of oil, I just feel like olive oil is a little too expensive for that, but I'm confused about all the reports and stuff about which oils are healthier. Is canola good, or is corn better?
  6. General Chat
    UGH - new frying pan needed. What type do you recommend? Everything we cook in our frying pan sticks. Poor dh, this morning he cooked eggs for himself and they all stuck. So it's off to get a new frying pan in the next few days. What type do you have and would you recommend it to anyone?
  7. Support
    I'm thinking of taking the cast iron frying pan to Mel's head. I want to see if you think I'm justified! I'm preparing my insanity defense before the crime. :mad: Ryan is not feeling well AGAIN. It's her tummy AGAIN. This is nothing new. Ryan has been sick since the day I delivered her...
  8. Kitchen Basics
  9. Kitchen Basics
    Now I need recipes to use in them! :D I had a $20 gc for to use up before 3/31 so I got these 2 pans, 10" deep skillet with lid, 8" open skillet. Got free shipping and only paid $9.98 for the two of them, they came in the mail today! :yippee: I would love a tried and true recipe...
  10. Kitchen Basics
    I sprinkle alittle cornstarch in my pan.. I keep a salt shaker full for this .
1-10 of 11 Results