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  1. Home Environment
    ~Today's goal is to fill a large bag or purge 100 items from your home. I know it sound huge but it's doable! Try your junk drawer, craft supplies, magazines and catalogs, socks, rags, toiletries, plastic containers, kid toys and games. We can do this!~
  2. Home Environment
    ~The goal? 100 items gone today. Anyone wanna join me?~
  3. General Chat
    My husbands family is a Joke. You all know my stepdaughter is a drama queen. Well this morning i went down stairs to get coffee. The girls were in the kichen. I said to Miss drama, Oh is the that shirt and jeans we bought you? She said No, im like Oh where did u get those from? She said her aunt...
  4. Family
    I do not have a good relationship with my mom between her taking advantage of me, favortism over my neice and not treating my kids good, etc. I moved far away from her and don't have anything to do with my family which has made me and my girls happier I had my sister in law added to my friends...
  5. Frugal Living
    Ok I am not sure if this is the right spot forgiv:censor:e me if it is not, some of you have been following my thread on no spending for 5 months other than groceries because we are going to USA to visit family. Well i just had a phone conversation with my so called best friend of 14 yrs. She...
  6. General Chat
    OMG - IF I DON'T VENT ABOUT THIS I'M GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!! I posted the other day about how frustrated I was with the real estate market. Our realtor's incompetence led us to complain to her broker and he said all of the right things: "I want to make this right for you, I'm sorry this...
  7. Frugal Friday
    ~I'm going to be 'racing' around the house today, cleaning and cooking and baking to prepare for a brunch I'm having here tomorrow morning. I have to get started! What's everyone else up to today?~
  8. General Chat
    We have to repaint our living room because when we did it the first time, the second can of paint didn't match the first one. So, DH and I agreed that we'd do it over the holiday for Thanksgiving. Then, last night DH said that he'd asked his dad to help, which I was none too pleased about. As...
  9. Frugal Living
    So, i am on this site everyday... everyday i look for new recipes, new ways to save money, i menu plan, i cook (well, i try to cook, lol) i bake bread, and this is all AFTER i go to school full time, and work from home constantly. heres the rant-- my husband has taken over $100 from the atm...
  10. Family
    I was taking my older dd to preschool this morning when my younger dd throws up all over the car. So I call my dh, who only works 15 min away, and I ask him to come home around 11:30 so I can pick up Kathryn at preschool without taking Lauren out again. I was worried that she would get sick...
1-10 of 11 Results