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  1. Frugal Living
    We plan on staging the house ourselves before we put it on the market. I'd like to get some nice home furnishings to help make the house more updated, but keep the budget in check. These things I'm looking for, in particular, are couch pillows and slipcovers for loveseats and slipcovers for...
  2. Home and Family
    In many parts of North America, the end of "porch season" has arrived. Whether you're clearing out for some oncoming bad weather, closing up the cottage for the season, beating the vandals on devil's night, or just retreating to your nest for the winter, you'll want to store away all of your...
  3. Home and Family
    From armoires to wooden figurines to headboards and accent mirrors, home furnishings are canvases for artists around the world. Adorned with floral patterns, Asian motifs and other ethnic-inspired designs, hand-painted furniture and accessories are the must-have items of the season...
1-4 of 4 Results