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    ~Post pictures of your little friends! Show off your machines!~
  2. General Chat
    Someone was asking about the creek in our front yard so I posted some pics. It's usually a calm serene spot but can become a raging river with whole trees and other debris rushing past. Since we've lived here there was one very close call in 1996. I don't want a repeat or worse of that. It came...
  3. Quilting
    For anyone who is interested, I just uploaded all of the photos I have for quilts and things I've made. Wish I had photographed everything. I made 2 seperate albums. Now to remember to always photograph my 'accomplishments', lol.:screwy: For newbies, just click on Gallery at the top of each...
  4. Freebies
  5. Quilting
    Look at some of these quilts and what they auctioned off for. Monies raised go to breast cancer.
  6. Hobbies
    has anyone here tried to upload pics of what they've made? i tried to upload an angel i crocheted for next christmas but it didn't work. perhaps i should post it at a different site and provide a link? does anyone here have their own craft site? do i ask too many questions? :whistle:
  7. Quilting
    Some really pretty quilts here
  8. General Chat
    I just uploaded like 6 pics for the scrapbooking gallery & when I clicked onto "my gallery" there was nothing. :confused: Can someone tell me if maybe there is a problem with the gallery or if maybe I might have done something wrong? TIA!!
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  11. Family
    I know I posted 2 as promised from my grandfather 85th b-day, but since most turned out pretty good I am resizing them and putting them in the gallery. Come on in and meet my crazy (yet gorgeous) family :toothy: here are the ones I've got up so far, caution there are a few more to come...
  12. Home Decorating
    I've been waiting till I got the headboard of my bed done and potted my little silk plants for it. You can find them with the keywords PrairieRose's bedroom re-do. I think I miss numbered them (sorry I can't count....:lol:  ). If anyone is interested I'd gladly do a cost run-down for ya. I'm...
  13. Family
    of dd's beauty pageant. The pictures aren't very good as it was hard to take them in the auditorium. We weren't allowed to leave our seats either.
  14. General Chat
    There are my newest blankets, quilt, afghan,DH, me, my furbabies
  15. General Chat
    Some of them are of DS's guitars, our cats and three of my quilts. Take a look and tell me what you think
  16. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    We found a beautiful home in Rochester, VT. The sellers have accepted our offer. My DH has a job offer near there and we have always wanted to live in a more rural, beautiful Vermont town. My bosses have agreed to let me telecommute from home full time, just like if I were working in the...
  17. Homesteading and gardening!NEWSROOM/hurricane/jeannegallery.htm I've just been looking through these because we haven't been out and about too far from our house because driving conditions are too dangerous and crazy. I just don't have words after what I've seen in person all around me and...
  18. Preparedness and Survival!NEWSROOM/hurricane/gallery.htm If that doesn't work, try
  19. Supplemental Income, Small Business You can choose gallery picture listing for a penny for 2 days, Feb 1th and 12th. * Attract buyers - show off your item by adding a thumbnail photo to your listing! * Maximize listing impact - Gallery listings shown to increase...
  20. General Chat
    but if you want to see my hair growing in, you better look quick!! I'm not going to keep this awful pic up for long! :laugh: Makes me see just how much weight I need to loose too! :( I didn't post any of Mom, she would shoot me if I posted the ones I took on Christmas, they didn't come out...