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  1. Coupons
    $40.00 OFF A SET OF FOUR TIRES OR WHEELS 'Good At Discount Tire Stores in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Utah Only.'... Print your coupon here
  2. General Chat
    Hi, I was googling some penny-pinching tips and found your site, very nicely done! My story: I was raised to be very careful not only with money but also with everyday things we do that, if we don't do them carefully, end up costing money. Everything from maintaining vehicles to wrapping up the...
  3. Southeast Pals
    Shout Out From... :cowwave: Paulding County, GA :grwave: Now it's your turn...
  4. General Chat
    Just wanted to say to all the Georgia members that I hope that they're staying safe and dry. I know from "talking" with others from down there, that they've had no usable water and that the roads are flooding and people are being swept away when they try to drive thru the water. I'm thinking of...
  5. South Pals
    Hey is was wondering if any of you are out there?
  6. Southeast Pals
    Just checking in to see if any one is in Georgia or the southern part of the state maybe even north Florida????:hot: So what have we got to swap?:smted:
  7. Southeast Pals
    Any Georgia folks here? I'm in The Rock, Upson County.
  8. Current News
    Observers Say Georgia's Election Was Fair - Voice of America [URL=
  9. Southeast Pals
    I saw that a few people were from GA that replied to my introduction post. I'm in Statesboro. :)
  10. South Pals
    Hey, I'm a Georgia girl, just checking to see if someone else around here is from GA as well. :)
  11. Freebies Teachers, Since school is almost completed for this year, now is a good time to schedule for next school year. Homeschoolers, get a group together of other homeschoolers and have a great and educational visit from Smokey Bear.
  12. Freebies
    Georgia's Most Cherished Resource. This Free brochure includes information on purchasing, storing and shelling pecans as well as more of our favorite pecan recipes.
  13. General Chat
    Here on the Southeast coast, we are experiancing a low pressure front that is brewing offshore. It's windy (gusts in excess of 45 mph), cold, and my hubby just called me to ask if it was snowing. I ran to the back porch and it is! WooHoo!!! It won't last long, and it won't stick, but it's a...
  14. Freebies
  15. Vacations and Travel
    I'm looking for suggestions of any cool museums, historical sites, restaurants, antique stores, thrift stores, etc. that are located in small towns in Georgia. Anything on the eastern side of the state as far north as Commerce is fair game. We'll hopefully be meandering along those parts soon...
  16. Frugal Living
    Don't forget all you Georgians that thursday July31- Aug 2 is tax free weekend on things like school supplies,clothing,computers and even diapers!
  17. Frugal Living
    I found this site posted on another website. It lists the best deals for Georgia and California at some of the grocery stores there. I thought of Heather the minute I saw it! LOL!
  18. Southeast Pals
    I'm about 20 min west of Atlanta.
  19. Southeast Pals
1-19 of 21 Results