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  1. Health and beauty
    Would a home monitoring kit be overdoing it? It wasn't prescribed. I haven't even taken my 3 hour glucose test yet, so I have no official diagnosis yet. I won't be taking that until a week from today.
  2. Pregnancy
    Well, I failed my first test (came in at 142 which is over my doctor's 135 cutoff) so I had the second test. My first reading came in fine, the second one was a little off (166, max is 155) and the last one was a tiny bit off (143 instead of 140) so I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes...
  3. Pregnancy
    evidently I have been blessed with it! yuck! so I did what the doctor told me to do until I can get to the diabetic clinic. STOP EATING SUGAR she said. ok. well thats pretty broad. but do able I think. then I got the call from the clinic booking me in for appt. they won't see me until MID...
  4. Pregnancy
    I've BTDT with my first pregnancy, and I've already been diagnosed with it in this pregnancy.  (Normally it isn't even tested for until after the first trimester.)  My main problem is that I'm so nauseated all the time  (it's like being sea sick 24/7)  that I can't deal with too much cooking...
1-4 of 4 Results