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  1. General Chat
    I posted my frugal chocolate dipped fortune cookie gift idea the other day in hopes of helping out a fellow frugaleer: I thought I would post another one today that a...
  2. Family
    Has anyone used gift card exchanges to save money? I was wondering what the pros and cons of these sites are.
  3. Weddings and bridal showers
    big disappointment last night: we were supposed to go to Vegas this morning to elope, but last night we found out he couldn't go (long story, but I'll tell it if you want to hear it). Anyway, he had booked a bargain package which was, naturally, non-refundable. We didn't particularly have that...
  4. Freebies
    In-store offer only. Bring in any automotive, lawn and garden, marine or power sport battery to a Sears Auto Center to be recycled, and receive a $5 Sears award card to be used for a future purchase. All batteries received will be responsibly recycled. No purchase necessary. This offer does not...
  5. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    I don't know where else to put this so i figure here is a good place. My birthday present from my boyfriend just arrived via Fedex. I dunno what it is but i'm so excited! I can't believe I have to wait two weeks to finally open it! I can't wait for my Bday to get here.
  6. General Chat
    Are you itching to spend some of your gift cards you received as presents? Have have you already scratched that itch?
  7. Weddings and bridal showers
    My cousin is getting married, but I will not be attending the wedding. I prefer not to give her money because she is financially well off. I want to give her a gift that is something someone wouildn't think of buying for themselves and something she would use often. Of course being frugal I...
  8. Christmas
    Does your family do a fun gift exchange? Our's does. This year there wasn't a theme, you just had to bring a nice gift valued at $15 or less. I was *THIS* close to bringing home $15 cash but my uncle "swapped" his present for it so I ended up with a Dairy Queen gift card and some candy! Oh...
  9. Christmas
    Did anyone get anything that left them scratching their head thinking "What the Heck?" My MIL got me a tigger fleece pullover....I haven't worn a fleece pullover since i was preggers 10 years ago...LOL. I still have to have Christmas with my Dad next weekend, so I can't say that the tigger...
  10. Christmas
    My favorite that made me cry was my 4yr old sons clay handprint that he painted and made at school. Just seeing that little hand and knowing that him and his sister are the greatest presents Ive ever recieved and thier love is a gift everyday. So great :)
  11. Christmas
    What's the most unusual/creative Christmas gift you've ever received? What really tickled your funny bone or was just right for you? What really rocked? I think for me it was a really simple gift. When we were young Dad wouldn't let we girls have Barbies because he felt they set up...
  12. Valentine's day
    Anyone ready for this yet? :) Thinking about something similar to the Christmas gift exchange, but with two twists: 1) Valentine's Day related vs Christmas related, and 2) a one-to-one exchange. So rather than making 32 of each thing, you'll be given your "Secret Cupid" name, and will make...
  13. General Chat
    So I found myself with the awefull feeling of not knowing what my kids "wanted" for christmas this year with a couple of exceptions.. So I decided to create a spreadsheet on my computer that anytime I hear the kids say they want something I can jot it down on the spreadsheet and then keep an eye...
  14. Gifts In A Jar
    One of my coworkers gave me a brownie mix in a jar as a thank you gift for doing her a favor. I just have to say what a wonderful gift to receive!! I have never received a gift like that before. We just mixed everything together and put it in the oven - smells delicious!! I just love this...
  15. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    102.99 deposited into our checking account. It said class action lawsuit credit. I think it was contrary housewife(I think?) that posted a few months ago that they was getting sued for not legit over draft charges. We had a few through the years. Looks like they lost their lawsuit. I wonder how...
  16. Christmas
    Ughh, just got the dreaded email from DH's brother trying to get us to "go in" on an expensive gift for their mom. NO, THANK YOU!!!! That has got to be my biggest holiday pet peeve. Well, that and when people tell me 'I can't afford to buy you anything, so don't buy me anything.' Or my mom...
  17. Christmas
    Leave it to my youngest classroom parents! They decided that in lieu of the generalized gift bags for the Christmas party this year, they want to have each child bring in a gender neutral gift, wrapped, around $5 in price- she is in 3rd grade so around 8 to 9 year olds. I seriously can't think...
  18. Hot deals
    I'm looking for deals on gift cards this season. The ones where if you buy, say a $50 gift card you get a $10 gift card for free. I've been ignoring the ads so I don't know who is offering what.
  19. General Chat
    If you knew you were getting a gift card for an undisclosed amount, which store would you hope & wish it was for? :D
1-19 of 500 Results