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  1. Christmas
    Confession: I planned VERY poorly and ended up spending way too much on Christmas gifts this year. In fact, I let life get the better of me and ended up doing the bulk of my shopping in the week before Christmas when prices were anything but at their lowest. So, for Christmas 2018, I am...
  2. Christmas
    I can't believe that I'm the only one who has one or two especially difficult people to find gifts for. Thought his thread might be a place where everyone could contribute ideas...
  3. Freebies
    Really Cool Gardening site, free gardening Ebook, free potting bench plans, grow your own plants for free.
  4. Valentine's day
    Do you give Valentine's gifts? I know that some say no, as they think this is a contrived holiday, and want no part in it. Others go all out. We do cards. Ever since I was a little girl, I've made homemade valentine cards: you know ..... with the doilies and red construction paper.... They...
  5. Valentine's day
    So, what frugal Valentine gifts are you giving this year? I am making my husband white chocolate peppermint bark (with leftover candy canes! lol) and some home made chocolate chip cookies. I will go out and buy some kind of tin or something for $1 to put them in. For my kids I am still deciding...
  6. Freebies
    Get 10 FREE Pampers Gifts To Grow Points when you enter the code FB2012NYAFJRYCN. This code expires 1/6/12.
  7. Christmas
    I know many of us here at the village made homemade gifts this year. I'm curious if any of you received any homemade gifts. I received homemade lemon green tea hand soap in a mason jar dispenser. Loved it! If you did make handmade gifts were they well received?
  8. Christmas
    I want to get something romantic for dh for Christmas and he's very difficult to buy for. Can anyone think of any romantic things to get? I am fresh out of ideas and time is running out! Help!
  9. Christmas
    The first one was a microwave that was out first Christmas together in side the microwave was a diamond necklace. That was a wow moment it really was. The other one was gifts that came from my husband and daughter after my mother died I never thought I was going to smile again. So my...
  10. General Chat
    I am so mad I couldn't sleep last night and pacing around the house. My husband is EXTREMELY difficult to shop for. He's very picky about comfort and what he likes. At the same time, he doesn't want much, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get him a gift he will like and use. But I tried, I tried extremely...
  11. Christmas
    Last year I was 'surprised' at holiday time by co-workers, who each had a present for me. (Yikes!) This Friday, I happened to be "in the city" small though it may be, and had a plan in mind before heading to Michael's Craft Store. A few years ago, pearl necklackes interwoven with satin ribbon...
  12. Christmas
    thru today JCP has some 2.97 clearance areas and coupons for10 off 25$ that were in small stickies on yesterdays paper and in ad that came yesterday or you can print one here JCPenney Coupons..... yesterday i spent 16.xx saved over 250$ !! can also be done online with code on coupon...
  13. Christmas
    I'm due Dec 21st so I have to start shopping now! 7yo son 11 yo neice 16 year old nephew 2 sister in laws 1 brother in law father in law mother in law mom dad and myself (this is more for my sons joy-I fill my stocking with hygiene neccesities and small kitchen items...under tree gifts are...
  14. Christmas
    I was thinking are there any gifts i could make for neighbors/ co workers. That i could make now and freeze for December? or is it too early/? I am not the best baker in the world.. So any ideas/ Recipes would be welcomed!!! Thanks!
  15. Christmas
    :clap: I'm done. :whew: My little j is in 3rd grade. He has a total of 5 students in his class & 1 teacher. I've been digging around to pull things out for the upcoming fall/winter consignment sale..... so I went ahead & put away Christmas for the classmates while I was at it. Last...
  16. Sewing
    Hello, I haven't been on here in quite a while. I have been busy today making some little zippered, monogramed (actually just the first initial of their first name. Thought I would share a couple of photos. They were made on my embroidery machine!! They were so much fun and they are done...
  17. Kids birthdays
    Need gift ideas for in the $5-10 range for a boy under age 10. I already have one small toy, but feel like I need to get something else. maybe a gift certificate for an ice cream sundae? Need ideas! Thanks!!
1-17 of 362 Results